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Carports and Garages

Is a permit required?

 Freestanding steel shed less than 10 metres square


Attached to another building


Setback less than the minimum required by part 4 of the regulations or extends beyond the street


A garage is a structure capable of storing a car, and has at least two-thirds of its sides closed by walls.  A side within 500mm of a boundary is considered to be closed. 

If your garage is not enclosed by at least two-thirds, it is by definition, a carport.

A car parking space is generally a minimum of 2.6m wide and 4.9m long. This equates to 12.74 metres square. If you build a structure any larger than a car parking space (as defined above) you need to apply for a building permit.


Applying for a building permit 

If a building permit is required, go to the building permits section to download the application form and for instructions on how to apply


Still not sure if you need a permit?  

If you are not sure if you require a permit or have any questions feel free to contact us.

Council will investigate any reports of illegal or dangerous building works within the City. If required a notice or order will be issued accordingly.