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Property Information Requests

When property is bought and sold it is necessary for information to be provided from the vendor (seller) to the purchaser. Information is often sourced from Council through the conveyancing services of solicitors dealing with the paperwork involved in buying and selling property.

Under sub-regulation 326 (1) of the Building Interim Regulations 2017 any person may request:

  • details of any permit (issued under the Building Act or predecessors), certificate of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years
  • details of any current statement issued under 502 & 503 of the Regulations
  • any current notice, by the relevant building surveyor

Under sub-regulation 326 (2) of the Building Interim Regulations 2017 information may be requested on whether land is in:

  • an area liable to flooding within the meaning of regulation 802;
  • an area designated under regulation 803 as an area in which buildings are likely to be subject to infestation by termites;
  • a designated bush fire prone area determined under regulation 804
  • an area determined under regulation 805 to be likely to be subject to significant snowfalls
  • an area esignated within the meaning of regulation 806

How to submit a property information request

Fill in the property information request form  and return to Council to a customer service centre or by fax or post.

A copy of title for property or a copy of subdivision may be required, but this will be requested by Building Services once they assess your application.

Fees for property information requests

  • Details of any permits or certificates issued: $51.20
  • Details of land in an area subject to flooding, attack by termites, bush fire, significant snowfall: $51.20
  • Mandatory inspection approval dates $51.20

For urgent requests,  you can ask for a Fast Track request. There is a fee of $150 and conditions apply. Contact Council for more information.