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Contractor registration and pre-qualification scheme

Contractors wishing to tender or quote for works for the City of Greater Dandenong within certain value limits may have to be registered and pre-qualified to do so. Contractors are registered and pre-qualified on an annual basis and must apply each year to have that registration and pre-qualification renewed.

The aims of the contractor registration and pre-qualification scheme are to:

  • Classify contractors commensurate with their quality, safety and environmental management systems, technical and resource capability, financial position and overall past performance.

  • Streamline the process of tender preparation, submission and evaluation by significantly reducing the amount of information to be provided in the tender response.

  • Provide a degree of protection to both the City of Greater Dandenong and contractors against over-commitment.

All other requirements of Councils tenders remain, including the need to complete the Risk Management questionnaire and supply documents when requested.

At this time the Greater Dandenong Council is not affiliated with any software provider.

For more information contact Council.