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Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

Schools Waste Education Program

Education on minimising waste and increasing recycling starts at school. Schools play a vital role in communicating these messages to children, families and throughout our community!

Council provides a range of free waste education programs for primary schools within the municipality and can also assist schools in establishing a recycling and composting program.

If you would like arrange a waste education classroom session or excursion, or are interested in establishing a composting and recycling program, contact Council's Waste Education Officer.

Download Waste Education flyer

Download School Waste Education Program flyer

Waste education classroom sessions

These sessions engage students on important issues relating to waste and the environment.

Sessions run for 45 minutes with a maximum of 30 students per session.

Sessions on the following topics are available: 

  • Compost and worm farms
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Litter in the environment
  • Waste wise shopping
  • Rubbish free lunches

Waste education excursions

These excursions enable students to see in real life what happens to their waste and the impact of it going to landfill, students identify the importance of reducing our waste by recycling, composting and reducing the waste we create in the first place!

Sessions run for approximately one hour with a maximum of 30 students per session.

Excursions on the following topics are available:

  • What happens to your recycling?
  • What happens to your garbage when it goes to landfill?
  • What happens to your garden waste?
  • Cutting your food waste out of your garbage bin: the benefits of composting & worm farming (partnership with Noble Park Community Centre Community Gardens)