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Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

Careers in Family Day Care

Are you an experienced, qualified educator looking to work with a great Family Day Care Scheme? Come and work for us!

Greater Dandenong Family Day Care has been in operation since 1972, establishing ourselves as a leading local service provider of accredited home-based family day care in a child and family friendly environment.

Why would you want to work for us?

Greater Dandenong Family Day has:

  • An‘Exceeding’ rating for National Quality Framework 
  • Bilingual staff and educators 
  • 97% Educators are from CALD backgrounds
  • Coordination unit to educator ratio 1:14
  • Flexibility in Educators setting their own fee scheduling 
  • Playgroup and PD mentoring program 
  • Detailed recruitment process for educators and families inducting into service 
  • Employer of choice
  • Best practise policies and procedures
  • Council reputation and support systems 
  • Established service provider for over 40

Family Day Care Field Officers

Greater Dandenong Family Day Care is a multicultural service dedicated to providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment for children of all ages. Our field officers are highly skilled professionals offering ongoing support to Educators in their home.

They come from many different cultural backgrounds and are able to communicate using the diverse languages that Greater Dandenong represents. 

  • by supporting parents to choose appropriate care options for the needs of their family and child
  • offering referral pathways if needed, or requested by families if the child has additional needs
  • through provision of professional development and supervision of Educators on an ongoing basis
  • ensuring that Educators are kept up to date with best practice for maintaining quality care and education for all children and their families

For further information to join the Greater Dandenong Family Day Care Educator Team, contact the Family Day Care team on 8571 1805.

Family Day Care Educator information