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Cultural Threads 2016

Cultural Threads 2016

Transformed Temporary Public Art Program

The Transformed Temporary Public Art Program aims to enliven public spaces in the Dandenong city centre with temporary art installations and thought provoking experiences. Contemporary art installations and light projections are visible day and night in a range of locations.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for temporary public art projects. For more information download Transformed artist's brief (PDF - 5.15MB).

Current Transformed Projects

Gold Bling by Martin George

Ongoing from May 2015
Halpin Way, Dandenong

This latest instalment comprises a long chain being draped along low, grey landscaping walls on Halpin Way, shining brilliantly in a deep ruddy yellow burnished gold. The work invokes ostentatious jewellery on an industrial scale.

Hope and Optimism by Nick Ilton

Ongoing from May 2013
Ewart Lane, Dandenong

This project features two “bill boards” measuring 1.2 metres. the two messages are read together, they balance each other, yet read separately, the message of each is quite different.


Day and Night by Julian Clavijo

August 2013 – August 2014 
Thomas Street multi-deck car park (lifts), 238 Thomas Street, Dandenong

The installation offers a new and visually tantalising elevator ride where passengers are encouraged to relax and forget the stresses of daily life.


No Fence for Dreams by Julian Clavijo

Ongoing from July 2013
Thomas Street multi-deck car park (exterior), 238 Thomas Street, Dandenong

Julian Clavijo uses the structure of the car park and its architectural façade to explore notions of veiling. Best experienced through an up close walk by the site, this full-colour representation of joy, surprise and pride.


Street Pests by Sayraphim Lothian

2012 - 2013
Various locations throughout Dandenong

Street Pests brings to focus the living creatures of the city that are opportunistic users and occupiers of small spaces. The life sized animals including pigeons and rats are made from delicately patterned fabric and are attached to hand rails, awnings, conduits and brackets.


Night Worker by Robbie Rowlands

250 Thomas Street, Dandenong (rear of Chemist Warehouse)

Rowlands is known for mediating the boundaries between the fabricated and natural world in his work. Night Worker pays homage to the work performed by the city's utilitarian objects and public infrastructure.


I'm On My Way Down by Robbie Rowlands

Ongoing from 2012
Thomas Street multi-deck car park (level 5), 238 Thomas Street, Dandenong

Through a series of precise cuts, this bollard departs from the rhythm of the car park expressed rigidly aligned concrete columns and repetitive architectural structures.


Measured Loss by Robbie Rowlands

Ongoing from 2012

Through a series of precise cuts, the artist gently reconfigures existing utilitarian objects that exist at the fringes of our awareness into poetic forms. The process is not one of violence, rather there is a sense of redemption, as if the object has been liberated from forgetfulness.


Eslimi by Kosar Majani

Ongoing fron 2011
Thomas Street multi-deck car park (rooftop) 238 Thomas Street, Dandenong

Persian artist Kosar Majani's work focuses on pattern as a way of reflecting on culture and history in two countries. The over sized patterns are opportunistically placed in the windows of the roof top lift well. Illuminated at night, they are visible from the street both day and night.


Chromablitz by Rowena Martinich

May 2012 to May 2014
Various locations throughout Dandenong

Chromablitz injects a much needed burst of impulsive energy and bright luminous colour into three landmark sites in Dandenong. Martinich uses glass as a canvas to enliven the pedestrian corridor between the station and the market, to create a light filled journey.


Dispense by Nick Ilton

Ongoing from September 2011
Ewart Lane, Dandenong

'Dispense' features three wall mounted mock vending machines that elude to dispense items whose value and meaning has changed over the last few decades through commoditisation, saturation, commercialisation, or all three.


The Utilitarian by Robbie Rowlands

Ongoing from September 2011
Palm Plaza Pocket Park, Lonsdale Street, Dandenong

Melbourne based artist Robbie Rowlands has created an extraordinary site responsive sculpture 'The Utilitarian'. Commissioned in 2011, the work rests in a compact park between the press of buildings that connects Lonsdale Street and Palm Plaza in Dandenong.


Brick Wall by Zac St Clair

January 2011 - ongoing
Ewart Lane, Dandenong

'Brick Wall' uses road signs as its source of inspiration to label the seemingly obvious - a brick wall. It explores society's preoccupation for signs and the need to provide directions, labels and warnings for almost everything in the public realm.


Pixel People by Ash Nolan

Ongoing project
Various locations around Dandenong

Located across Central Dandenong, 'Pixel People' is a series of temporary installations of smiling faces, featuring local people and residents. From a distance the works are remarkably detailed and as you draw close they abstract into small blocks of colour or 'pixels'.


Transformed Project Archive

Transformed Projects 2006-10

View all of the Transformed projects that were created and on display in central Dandenong from 2006 to 2010.