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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Submission of Plans Complying with Planning Permit Conditions

Conditions of your planning permit may require you to submit plans or other documentation for endorsement. For example, condition 1 of a planning permit often requires amended plans to be submitted.

You must provide:

  • a covering letter outlining how the submitted plans comply with the requirements of the relevant permit condition(s).

  • one set of all plans and/or other documentation for endorsement in hard copy (Note: Plans can be A3 size for small scale developments, but must be A1 or A2 size for large scale developments).

  • an electronic copy of all plans and/or other documentation for endorsement on CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Please note: Any amendments to the plans other than those required by the planning permit conditions will not be approved.  If additional changes are required, a separate application to amend the plans will need to be made (see Amending a Planning Permit or Endorsed Plans).