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Community Response Grants Program

The Community Response Grants Program allows community groups and individuals to apply for small grants to help them to achieve their goals and ambitions.


Grant eligibility


Individuals can apply for a grant of up to $750 to assist them to:

  • participate in an elite level sporting tournament, artistic or cultural performance, community sector or civil society forum, or similar event
  • perform or produce a work of art in Greater Dandenong
  • provide volunteer services for the benefit of the local community
  • enrol in a training course that will help them to provide volunteer services

Tobe considered eligible the individual must:

  • Be a resident of Greater Dandenong
  • Be participating unpaid and not as part of their education or employment
  • Have complied with the conditions of any previous Council grants

Community groups and schools 

Community groups and schools can apply for a grant of up to $1000 to assist with:

  • community forums, information sessions or training programs
  • community events or celebrations that encourage wider community engagement
  • regular social and support activities for people who are isolated or disadvantaged
  • events that raise funds for local causes, charitable organisations or for international disaster relief
  • activities that increase participation in sport, the arts or civic activities or have similar outcomes
  • purchasing items of equipment that will help them to serve the community
  • participating in an elite level sporting competition or similar event (for locally-based sports teams or similar groups)

Applications from community groups are eligible if the group:

  • Is a not-for-profit organisation
  • Has a bank account in the group’s name, or nominates another group to receive the grant on its behalf
  • Has not already been funded for the activity and the activity isn’t normally funded by State or Federal Government
  • Has complied with the conditions of any previous Council grants


Grant ineligibility (not eligible)

 Applications will not be accepted from:

  • Government agencies (with the exception of schools)
  • Profit-making enterprises

 Applications will not be accepted for:

  • Activities that have already taken place
  • Community events or celebrations taking place outside the City of Greater Dandenong (events for seniors in neighbouring municipalities can be considered if at least 50% of participants are from Greater Dandenong)
  • Activities that promote specific political or religious views
  • Capital works, renovations, fixtures and fittings

Funding priorities

The following priorities are given higher preference and will be automatically recommended for funding:

  • Special functions for seniors groups
  • Activities for people with disabilities
  • Sporting groups subsidising vulnerable families
  • Activities for new arrivals — refugees and asylum seekers
  • Community events open to the community

These priorities are to be assessed and recommended for funding on merit:

  • Excursions for community groups
  • Community development activities by a school aimed at the broader community surrounding the school
  • Purchase of equipment for community groups
  • Special activities for school communities
  • Venue hire for special one off group activities
  • Community forums
  • Information sessions lot the community
  • Promotion of community groups and programs
  • Arts event or cultural performance
  • Transport / childcare etc. to enable participation
  • Activities promoting diversity and harmony (note diversity including but not exclusive to cultural diversity
  • Environmental or sustainability activities in line with the Greater Dandenong Sustainability Strategy
  • Special award or recognition programs
  • Participation in elite sporting events interstate
  • Purchase of materials for activities
  • Skills training for the broader community
  • Training for members of community groups
  • Participation in elite sporting events overseas

Please note: higher priority will be given to local Greater Dandenong voluntary groups and individuals, followed by community organisations and then State based agencies.


Application process

Applications must meet the eligibility criteria for the program and will be assessed against the selection criteria listed in the program guidelines.

Applications to the Community Response Grants Program can be made at any time of year and generally take up to ten weeks to consider.

An application must be submitted to Council before the relevant activity takes place. 

Returning completed application forms

  • By mail: 
    Community Response Grants Program Applications
    City of Greater Dandenong
    PO Box 200, DANDENONG VIC 3175

  • In person:
    Dandenong: 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong
    Keysborough: Shop A7 Parkmore Shopping Centre, Keysborough
    Noble Park: 18 - 32 Buckley Street, Noble Park
    Springvale: 397 - 405 Springvale Road, Springvale

  • By email:


Previous Community Response Grants recipients


Further information

For more information contact the Community Funding Officer on 8571 5179 or email

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