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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Climate and Energy

Climate Change think globally act locally


Imagine a city where our homes and businesses are energy efficient and run by clean renewable energy. This not only helps us save money, but helps us protect the planet for our children. It also results in a healthier community that is better prepared for the potential impacts of heatwave, drought, floods and rising temperatures.

What is Council doing?

Development of a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

The development of the Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan by 2020 will help the City of Greater Dandenong reduce its carbon emissions and prepare itself for the impacts of climate change, whilst also empowering the local community to do the same.


Public Consultation

Council has commenced the public consultation as part of the development of its Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan.

If you would like to get involved email or phone 8571 1000 to express your interest.


Have your Say about Climate Change

Complete the climate change survey and join the discussion on the climate change forum to go into the draw for a $100 voucher, there are five to be won!

Climate Change Survey:

Have your say

The survey closes Wednesday 1 May.

Our challenges

  • A changing climate
    Our weather is the future is expected to see warmer temperatures, more droughts and a decrease in average rainfall. We can also expect increase in heavy rainfall events, heatwaves and extreme fire days.

  • Increase in drought and heatwaves
    Affects on our parks, gardens and trees.

  • Increased pressure on our water supplies
    As a result of warmer temperatures and lower rainfall.

  • Increase wind and storm events
    Expected to result in increase damage to property and life.

  • Increase damage to roads and properties
    As a result of heatwaves, droughts and floods.

  • Increase in heatwave events
    Expected to increase hear-related health risks for the aged and vulnerable.

  • Higher food prices
    As result of high temperatures and less rain affecting our farms.