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Automotive Industry Changes and the Impact on Local Supply Chain Companies
15 February 2017
Supply chain companies in Greater Dandenong and Melbourne’s south east are being encouraged to diversify following significant changes to the car industry...
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Creating Great Places in Greater Dandenong
10 November 2016
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Local governments join forces to help grow local business
09 March 2016
The City of Greater Dandenong has formed a partnership with neighbouring Kingston City Council to present a series of small business workshops and seminars for home-based, micro and small business in 2016...
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Inspiring business women to be showcased
28 February 2016
Bring your workplace colleagues and friends and join us for our SEBN Showcasing Women breakfast event on Thursday 10 March featuring Jane Grover and Julie Busch...
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Festive window competition winners
17 December 2015
Greater Dandenong Business gave retailers an opportunity to participate in a festive season visual merchandising display competition. Congratulations to our winners and finalists!
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SEBN News: Benchmarking Your Work Cover Spend (7 Ways to Improve)
17 November 2015
Dr James Murray, MD of The Soft Tissue Centre, captivated his audience at SEBN’s Workplace Health & Safety network session in August. Speaking on ‘Best Practice Injury Treatment and Management, James encouraged participants to take control of injury prevention and the associated WorkCover burden...