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Short Cuts City of Greater Dandenong Film Festival

Short Cuts City of Greater Dandenong Film Festival

Short Cuts Films and Winners 2016

The successful films and winners from 2016 are below.

2016 Winners

Winner,  Mayoral Prize
Thomas Baricevic - Hope City

Runner-Up, Mayoral Prize
Costas Athamassiou - Who is he?

Winner, People’s Choice Prize
Thomas Baricevic - Hope City

Winner, Emerging Category
Sebastian Broadbent - Something to Crow About

Winner, Student/community Category
Alec Uittenbosch - Girl/Boy

Winner, Open Film-maker Category
Matt Richards - Rabbit


2016 Films

Waiting for Robbo
10 min, Open

John Wood and Justin Rosniak star as two dodgy criminals waiting in their car for the rest of their gang to arrive after a heist.

 Director: Simon Weaving
Producer: Ivan Slavich


Short Cuts Robbo

Super Ted
6 mins, Student/community

Comic character Super Ted comes to life. Hover the evil B13 is soon born bringing conflict that could tear the world apart. Can Super Ted defeat his nemesis?

Director: Connick Cheung
Producer: Connick Cheung 


Short Cuts Super Ted

5 mins, Emerging

A romantic day trip tests the relationship of two young lovers.

Director: Kate Lefoe
Producer: Laura Faulkner 


Short Cuts Plunge

Teacher Wars

8 mins , Student/community

At Northwood School they hold an annual Teacher War. This year’s prize is the best yet...

Director: Jayden Teeken
Producer: Jayden Teeken 


Short Cuts Teacher Wars

One Magic Hour

8 mins, Open

Two young musicians drawn together at a party question their talents as performers and of each other.

Director: Sam Rogers
Producer: Sam Rogers

Short Cuts One Magic Hour

Girl Boy

5 mins, Student/community

A boy. A girl. A date.  The days of two teens unfold quite differently as they each get ready for a date.

Director: Alec Uittenbosch
Producer: Alec UIttenbosch

 Short Cuts Girl Boy


3 mins, Emerging

Charlie is an exceptionally stupid Borzoi dog, who has somehow angered a vicious German Shepherd. Recounting the event, his father narrates the chaos that ensues.

Alexander Louw
Producers: Paul Fletcher and Robert Stephenson 


Short Cuts Charlie

15 mins, Open

Abandoned by his parents and harbouring a grim family secret, a damaged  young teen is faced with a difficult choice when  he brings his foreign girlfriend into the family home.

Director: Matt Richards
Producer: Arielle Thomas


Short Cuts Rabbit

BAZm E Hazaragi: Music

4 mins, Open

One of four films made in the lead-up to Melbourne’s inaugural Omagh Celebration in 2014. The films shine the light on Melbourne’ Hazara community and the beauty and wealth of their culture.

Directors: Robyn Hughan, Steve Warne, Barat Al Batoor
Producers: Multicultural Arts Victoria

Short Cuts Hazara

Hope City
15 mins, Open

Majak, a teenage boy from South Sudan is haunted by his dark past and torn between his new life and a burning desire to return home to find his mother.

Director: Thomas Baricevic
Producer: Peter George 


Short Cuts Hope City

6 mins, Student/community

A 17-year-old teenager who is bullied reveals to a counsellor that he can see numbers above people’s heads.  He is thrown into s spin when a new kid who is a “10” comes to the school...

Director: Bailey Cook
Producer: Bailey Cook 


Short Cuts '10'

4 mins, Student/community

A thief breaks into a building to secure some classified files. To achieve his goal he is going to need a little help...

Director: Daniel Phillips
Producer: Daniel Phillips 


Short Cuts Thief

Who is He?
6 mins, Student/community

Who is he? is a film about Alex Litsoudis, a Greek-Australian with a disability who has had a dream to become an actor for over 20 years.

Director: Costas Athanassiou
Producer: Alex Litsoudis


Short Cuts Who is He

Something to Crow About

9 mins, Emerging

In the heart of coal country in rural Victoria, the Strzelecki Stringbusters gather once a month to play old-time and bluegrass music at their local pub.

Director: Sebastian Broadbent
Producer: Sebastian Broadbent 


Short Cuts Crow About