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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment

Previous Sustainability Award Winners


Sustainability Awards - 2018 Winners

Read about the 2018 Sustainability Award winners and finalists

Download the 2018 Sustainability Award winners and finalists brochure

Sustainable Community Category

  • Winner: Cornish College
  • Finalist: Noble Park Community Garden Club
  • Finalist: Athol Road Primary School
  • Finalist: Lyndale Greens Primary School
  • Finalist: William Kwan and John Hayman
  • Finalist: Carers of Africa
  • Finalist: Dandenong West Primary School
  • Finalist: Resurrection Primary School

Healthy Waterways Video Competition

  • Overall Winner: Amina and Haleema Aamir
  • Finalist: Rameen Khan and Jaslynn InRich Text Area
  • Finalist: Kynan Mu
  • Finalist: Numan Seyit


Sustainability Awards - 2017 Winners

Read about the 2017 Sustainability Award winners and finalists

Sustainable Community Category

  • Winner: Yarraman Oaks Primary School
  • Finalist: Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association
  • Finalist: Athol Road Primary School
  • Finalist: Noble Park Gardening Club
  • Finalist: Keysborough Resurrection - School Community Swap Group


Sustainable Business Category

  • Winner: Waste Converters / Smart Recycling
  • Runner-up: Biofuel Innovations


Sustainable Development Category

  • Winner: The Quarter, Springvale
  • Runner-up: Somerfield Estate, Keysborough


Healthy Waterways Video Competition


Sustainability Awards - 2016 winners

 Read about the 2016 Sustainability Award winners and finalists 

Sustainable Home and Garden

  • Winner: Eddie Botha
  • Finalist: Gaye Guest
  • Finalist: Kath O'Brien

Sustainable School

  • Winner: Wooranna Park Primary School
  • Finalist: Noble Park Primary School
  • Finalist: Emerson School

Sustainable Student

  • Winners: Sa Up, Yuhao Chen, Emily Stephens, Sonja Iovan

Sustainable Business

  • Winner: Hilton Manufacturing
  • Finalist: Wallara Australia
  • Finalist: International Chemicals Engineering
  • Finalist: Lexington Gardens Retirement Village

Sustainable Development

  • Winner: Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - The Clarence Reardon Centre.
  • Finalist: Central Dandenong Tax Office- (EPC Pacific)
  • Finalist: Tyres for u warehouse - The Key Spec-1 (Frasers Property)
  • Finalist: Astral Pool Distribution Centre - (Frasers Property)

Sustainability Awards - 2015 winners

Read about the Sustainability Award 2015 winners and finalists

Sustainable Home and Garden 

  • Winner: Robert Spence – Our Ecological Effort
  • Finalist: Karen Buckley - Our Sustainable Home and Garden
  • Finalist: Heng Tov - My Aquaponic Food Garden
  • Finalist: Vivien Dews - My Sustainable Backyard
  • Finalist: Amanda McCracken - Our Sustainable Home 

Sustainable School

  • Winner: Athol Road Primary School – School Wetland Project
  • Finalist: Dandenong High School
  • Finalist: Harrisfield Primary School 
  • Finalist: Keysborough Community Children’s Centre
  • Finalist: Silverton Primary School

Sustainable Student

  • Winner: Andreea Iuga and Manisha Shanmuggan