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The City of Greater Dandenong Welcomes All

The City of Greater Dandenong Welcomes All

Greater Dandenong Multicultural Advisory Committee

The City of Greater Dandenong is seeking expressions of interest for a new Multicultural Advisory Committee.

The Greater Dandenong Multicultural Advisory Committee is being established to strengthen community relationships and to increase collaboration with multicultural communities. The efforts of this committee will contribute to community wellbeing, harmony and prosperity of Greater Dandenong.

What is the Committee expected to do?

  • Engage and consult with Greater Dandenong’s culturally diverse communities
  • Celebrate achievements and raise awareness on cultural diversity
  • Develop strategic partnerships and relationships in multicultural communities 
  • Facilitate interactions and dialogue amongst culturally diverse groups 
  • Advocate for improved support, funding and opportunities 
  • Provide advice to Council on policies, plans and services that impact our multicultural communities

Why the Committee is being established?

  • An overwhelming majority of our multicultural leaders would like to have an ongoing opportunity for dialogue with each other and with Council
  • We are the most culturally diverse area in Victoria and a leader in multiculturalism
  • We are proud of our cultural diversity and our thriving community
  • We proactively work to strengthen resilience and wellbeing in the community 
  • We acknowledge the role of our multicultural champions and their contribution 
  • We acknowledge local, national and global challenges affecting harmony and cohesion

Who are the members?

The Committee will consist of up to eleven members, excluding Council representation. Members of the Committee include:

  • Councillor representation
  • A senior officer from the Community Services Directorate of Council.=
  • Up to five representatives from service providers, community organisations and agencies who have an interest, skill set and experience within the multicultural community
  • Up to five broader community members that have an interest and experience and/or invovement within multicultural community groups and organisations

Members are appointed by a selection panel based on the selection criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference.

How will the Committee operate?

  • The Committee will develop a working agenda based on current issues and developments to achieve the expectations outlines through the Terms of Reference
  • The Committee’s agenda shall be reflective of broader community priorities validated in periodic community forums
  • The Committee will meet quarterly for a maximum duration of two hours, or as required
  • The Committee members are appointed for a period of two years
  • Should there be a need for the Committee to continue beyond the period, a reappointment process will be undertaken for all members in accordance with the Terms of Reference

Key Documents

If you would like to express interest  to become a member of the Committee please use the nomination form below. Nominations close on 22  December 2016.

Nomination Form - Multicultural Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct - Multicultural Advisory Committee 
Meeting Etiquette - City of Greater Dandenong

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Join our contact list

If you would like to be involved in other ways and to be added to our contact list for receiving information about multicultural activities, community forums and the work of this Committee, please provide the information below.