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Pop-up Drive Thru Recycling Days

Saturday 3 February, 8am-2pm and Saturday 30 June, 8am-2pm

Greaves Reserve,  2-20 Bennet Street, Dandenong

The pop-up drive thru recycling days are happening from 8am to 2pm on Saturday 3 February and Saturday 30 June. 

This is a great chance to clear some space around the house, reduce landfill and give items a new life. This FREE  service is in addition to your one free annual hard waste collection.

What can be included?

TVs and computers Mattresses
Maximum of two

Electrical appliances
Printers, rice cookers,
anything with a cord

Fridges, washing machines,
dryers, microwaves
Children’s items, prams,
pushers, baby car seats,
baby baths
Chairs, tables, couches,
Bicycles tshirt Clothes and linen
Clothing, shoes, fashion,
accessories, sheets

How does it work?

The pop-up drive through recycling days are happening from 8am to 2pm on Saturday 3 February (Greaves Reserve, Dandenong) and Saturday 30 June (Greaves Reserve). 

  1. Place your items in a car and/or trailer. You must arrive in a vehicle as this is a drive thru drop off day. Trucks will not be permitted.

  2. The events will both be held at Greaves Reserve.

  3. Entry to the event will be from Sinclair Road and exit from Bennet Street only (No vehicles will be allowed to enter from Bennet Street).
  4. Collection staff will help you remove your items and place in the correct pile.

Frequently asked questions

How many items can I bring?

You can bring a maximum of 15 items. One full bag of clothing and linen will count as one item. There is a limit of two mattresses per car.

How much does this cost?

Nothing, it is FREE. You must however present this brochure to gain entry.

Can I still book a hard waste collection?

Yes, this is in addition to your free one-off annual hard waste collection.

Where do the goods go?

Good quality, reusable items will be donated to charities for low-income families. Other items will be recycled to create new products.

You will get a brochure in the mail. Please bring the brochure or proof of address with you. 
Council reserves the right to refuse entry to the event.