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Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation

Cycling Strategy

The Greater Dandenong Cycling Strategy 2017-24 was endorsed by Council on 8 May 2017. It aims to raise the profile of and participation in cycling as a desirable and effective means of both recreation and transport.

As a form of transport, cycling is a low-cost, environmentally sustainable choice that eases traffic congestion and relieves parking pressures. As a way of getting fit cycling is low-impact, suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, and is an enjoyable social activity in which the whole family can get involved.

As a way of making cycling easier, safer and more accessible Council has already installed more bike parking, upgraded street lighting, and in some cases redesigned community spaces to encourage people to walk and cycle more in their neighbourhoods.

Cycling Strategy 2017-24 cover


Greater Dandenong is a safe, lively, attractive city that has a culture of cycling for recreation, health and transport purposes.


Greater Dandenong aims to increase the number of people cycling by providing and promoting opportunities to cycle for recreation, health and transport. To achieve Greater Dandenong’s vision and aim to improve cycling the following themes have been developed in line with the Council Plan 2013-17.

Download Greater Dandenong Cycling Strategy 2017-24

Download Greater Dandenong Cycling Strategy 2017-24 Summary

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