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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Planning Scheme Amendment C201

Greater Dandenong has prepared Amendment C201 to the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme.

Greater Dandenong City Council is the planning authority exhibiting the amendment.

The amendment applies to all land affected by the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme. 

What changes are proposed?

The amendment seeks to introduce Clause 22.06 Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) Local Planning Policy to the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme to ensure that development achieves best practice in environmental sustainability from the design stage through to construction.  The amendment will also make subsequent minor changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement and Table of Contents.  

Amendment documents

Amendment C201 Notice of Preparation of an Amendment (PDF - 28KB)
Amendment C201 Explanatory Report (PDF - 67KB)
Amendment C201 Instruction Sheet (PDF - 15KB)
Amendment C201 Clause 22.06 Environmentally Sustainable Development Local Policy (PDF - 53KB)
Amendment C201 Clause 21.05 Built Form (PDF - 64KB)  

Frequently asked questions

The ESD Policy C201 Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF - 153KB) document includes a more detailed explanation of what Council is proposing to change and why. 

Where you may inspect the Amendment

The amendment documents can be inspected free of charge at any one of Council’s Customer Service Centres or by visiting the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) website at

Council Meeting in response to the Submissions

At the Ordinary Council Meeting of Monday 28 May 2018, Council (in response the receiving submissions made in response the statutory exhibition of amendment C201) resolved to:

  • Adopts the position of reducing the residential trigger level to 3 or more dwellings for the submission of a Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) and updates the amendment accordingly.
  • Refers the unresolved submissions to an independent Panel for consideration:

For further information on council’s resolution and the summary of submissions, please refer to the Council Meeting Minutes – 28 May 2018.

Current status

Panel report received from Planning Panels Victoria.

Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme Amendment C201 Panel Report (PDF - 696KB)

Further information

For enquiries relating to this amendment, please contact Council's Strategic Planning department on 8571 1000 or email