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Council Plan and Annual Budget

At the Council meeting on Tuesday 11 June 2019, the City of Greater Dandenong adopted the Council Plan 2017-21 (Revised 2019), Annual Plan 2019-20 and the Budget 2019-20.

The Council Plan 2017-21 is a strategic plan which guides Council's activities for the next four years and includes the Strategic Resource Plan. The Annual Plan 2019-20 outlines the specific actions Council will undertake and the Budget 2019-20 outlines the services and initiatives to be funded for the 2019-20 financial year.


Council Plan 2017-21 (Revised 2019)

The Council Plan 2017-21 (Revised 2019) has been developed to guide the current Council over the four years of its term in office, and replaces the previous Council Plan 2013-17. This document describes Council’s goals and objectives and will guide service delivery, innovation and good governance over this time.

The Council Plan is reviewed annually, involving community consultation and review of the outcomes and indicators.

Download Council Plan 2017-21 (Revised 2019) (PDF - 4.46MB)


Annual Plan 2019-20

The Annual Plan outlines the specific actions which Council will undertake in 2019-20 in order to achieve the objectives of this Council Plan. 

Download Annual Plan 2019-20 (PDF - 569KB)

 You can also view these documents at one of our customer service centres or libraries.


Budget 2019-20

The Budget 2019-20 provides details on Council’s financial position, financial management for the financial year, and incorporates the Annual Plan.

Download Budget 2019-20 (PDF - 6.9MB)

Progress indicators for each document are reported at a Council meeting every three months, in line with the financial year quarters.

Please contact us if you require any of these documents in an alternative format. 


Budget Consultation 2018-19

In early 2018 the City of Greater Dandenong conducted a number of community engagement activities to find out from residents, visitors and businesses what they would like to see Council spend money on in its 2018-19 Budget.

The following are the top ten categories mentioned by those who completed the surveys or attended a drop in session including information on how these areas are being addressed by Council in 2018-19:


Council Activities in 2018-19

Parks and playgrounds

Improvements will be made to Dandenong Park as part of the Dandenong Park Master Plan implementation - $1.5 million.

Traffic and transport

Active transport infrastructure will be implemented including paths, cycle lanes and cycle parking. $1.85 million has been included in the budget for a local road design, upgrade and reconstruction program along with $850,000 for Local Area Traffic Management.

Youth, families and children

Council will continue to support youth, families and children through a number of initiatives focussing on education, employment, pro-social behaviour, and school based community hubs. The annual Children’s Forum will also be held again in 2018.


Implementation of the Urban Tree Strategy 2018-23 will commence which aims to work towards greening our city and demonstrating best practice in urban tree management. A total of $3.55 million will be spent on the Springvale Road Boulevard, Afghan Bazaar Cultural precinct streetscape and Walker Street upgrade projects.

Keysborough South Community Hub

$4 million has been allocated, which includes $3 million for the purchase of land and $1 million to complete the detailed design of the project in order to commence construction in 2019-20.

Health and wellbeing

A number of sport and recreation programs will be delivered including those which enhance female participation and programs which encourage healthy eating, responsible service of alcohol and smoke free environments at sports clubs.

Dog off leash areas

A review of the Dog Off-Leash Strategy will commence which will include the development of an approach to selecting suitable parks across the entire municipality. In 2017-18 $65,000 was spent on creating dog-friendly facilities at Tatterson Park

Community Safety

Community Safety is always a high priority for Council and this year will see a range of projects including ongoing maintenance of CCTV systems, public lighting, road safety programs, and activities aimed at the primary prevention of violence against women.


One of the major projects is the construction of the Library and Community Hub which forms part of the new Springvale Community Precinct. $1.161 million will also be spent on new Library books.


A number of arts and heritage exhibitions will be offered across Council’s cultural facilities including the Home exhibition which features artists from refugee backgrounds and people seeking asylum.