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Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation

Sporting Grounds

Sports ground allocations

Council has a seasonal allocation process to ensure all sports clubs have a chance to access sporting grounds and pavilions.

The seasonal dates are as follows:

  • Winter: 1 April to 31 August
  • Summer: 1 October to 28 February

View Sporting Clubs for additional information.

If you have any questions contact Council.

List of local sports grounds

The following parks and reserves in the City of Greater Dandenong that have sports grounds. The list is arranged by suburb, then alphabetically.

Sports grounds in Dandenong

Dandenong Park, Pultney St, Dandenong (Melway 90 E8)

Fotheringham Reserve, Alexander Ave, Dandenong (Melway 89 K3)

George Andrews Reserve, Trewin Street, Dandenong (Melway 90 C11)

Greaves Reserve, Bennet St, Dandenong (Melway 90 A7)

Mills Reserve, Cleeland St, Dandenong (Melway 90 E3)

Robert Booth Reserve, Clow St, Dandenong (Melway 90 H7)

Shepley Oval, Pultney St, Dandenong (Melway 90 F10)

Thomas Carroll Reserve, Box Street, Dandenong (Melway 90 G10)

Sports grounds in Dandenong North

Lois Twohig Reserve, Carlton Rd, Dandenong North (Melway 81 E12)

Lyndale Secondary College, Halton Rd, Dandenong North (Melway 81 B11)


Sports grounds in Endeavour Hills
(Facility managed by City of Greater Dandenong)

Police Paddocks, Brady Road, Endeavour Hills (Melway 81 J11)

Sports grounds in Keysborough

Coomoora Reserve, Coomoora Rd, Keysborough (Melway 88 K6)

Frederick Wachter Reserve, Bloomfield Rd, Keysborough (Melway 89 E7)

Keysborough College - Acacia Campus, Isaac Rd, Keysborough (Melway 89 G7)

Keysborough Community Park (KPR), Loxwood Ave, Keysborough (Melway 89 B8)

Keysborough Reserve, Sunnyvale Cres, Keysborough (Melway 89 D9)

Tatterson Park, Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough (Melway 89 A10)

Sports grounds in Noble Park

Noble Park Reserve, Moodemere St, Noble Park (Melway 89 D5)

Noble Park Secondary College, Callaghan St, Noble Park (Melway 89 H3)

Parkfield Reserve, Dunblane Rd, Noble Park (Melway 80 G12)

Ross Reserve, Memorial Drive, Noble Park (Melway 80 D12)

Yarraman Primary School, Liege Ave, Noble Park (Melway 89 K3)

Sports grounds in Noble Park North

Barry Powell Reserve, Halton Rd, Noble Park North (Melway 80 K10)

WJ Turner Reserve, Jacksons Road, Noble Park North (Melway 80 J8)

Sports grounds in Springvale

Edinburgh Reserve, Edinburgh Rd, Springvale (Melway 80 D5)

Norman Luth Reserve, Heritage Dr, Springvale (Melway 79 H11)

Springvale Reserve, Newcomen Rd, Springvale,  (Melway 79 J7)

Warner Reserve, Flynn St, Springvale (Melway 80 B8)

Sports grounds in Springvale South

Alex Nelson Reserve, Harold Rd, Springvale South (Melway 89 A4)

Keysborough College - Banksia Campus, Wardale Rd, Springvale South (Melway 89 B2)