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All playgrounds are grouped by suburb, then listed alphabetically.

We have district, neighbourhood and local playgrounds. These playground types reflect the different size and locations of the playgrounds, to cater for the diverse needs of the community. More information on park types.

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Playgrounds in Dandenong

Apex Park, Cleeland Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Dandenong Park, Lonsdale Street, Dandenong (district playground)

Falkiner Reserve, Falkiner Crescent, Dandenong (local playground)

Fotheringham Reserve, North Alexander Avenue, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Fotheringham Reserve, South Pyke Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Gardiner Reserve, Rylands Road, Dandenong (local playground)

Gerard Street Reserve, Gerard Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Greaves Reserve, Bennet Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Hemmings Park, Princes Highway, Dandenong (district playground)

J.C. Mills Reserve, Cleeland Street, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Robert Booth Reserve, North Bess Court, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Robert Booth Reserve, South Clow Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Thomas P. Carroll Reserve, Box Street, Dandenong (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Dandenong North

Bakers Road Reserve, Bakers Road, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground)

Blackmore-Madison Reserve, Madison Avenue, Dandenong North (local playground)l

Booth Crescent Reserve, Booth Crescent, Dandenong North (local playground)

Briarhurst Avenue Reserve, Briarhurst Avenue, Dandenong North (local playground)

Currajong-Illawarra Reserve, Currajong Street, Dandenong North (local playground)

Dandenong Wetlands, Stud Road, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground)

Downard Pittman, Downard Street, Dandenong North (local playground)

Dunern Reserve, Dunern Road, Dandenong North (local playground)

Fillmore Reserve, Fillmore Road, Dandenong North (local playground)

Gately Reserve, Gladstone Road / Gately Court, Dandenong North (local playground)

Golding Court Reserve, Golding Court, Dandenong North (local playground)

Kandra Street Reserve, Kandra Street, Dandenong North (local playground)

Lois Twohig Reserve, Carlton Road, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground)

Manks Court Reserve, Manks Court, Dandenong North (local playground)

McFees Road, McFees Road, Dandenong North (local playground)

McKeon Circuit Reserve, McKeon Circuit, Dandenong North (local playground)

Menzies Avenue Reserve, Menzies Avenue, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground)

Police Paddocks Reserve (North), Brady Road, Dandenong North (local playground)

Police Paddocks Reserve (South), Baden Powell Drive, Endeavour Hills (local playground)

Purley Reserve, Purley Drive, Dandenong North (local playground)

Rawdon Hill Drive Reserve, Rawdon Hill Drive, Dandenong North (local playground)

Simpson Drive Reserve, Simpson Drive, Dandenong North (local playground)

Thornton Court Reserve, Thornton Court, Dandenong North (local playground)

Tirhatuan Park, Kriegel Way, Dandenong North (district playground)

Tirhatuan Park, (Somerset Drive) Somerset Drive, Dandenong North (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Dandenong South

Dawn Avenue Reserve, Dawn Avenue, Dandenong South (local playground)

George Andrews Reserve,  Vivien Street, Dandenong South (neighbourhood playground)

Keneally Street (Metro 3175) Keneally Street, Dandenong South (local playground)

Norine Cox Reserve, Patchell Road / Tarene Street, Dandenong South (neighbourhood playground)

Meridian Reserve, Keshava Grove, Dandenong South (neighbourhood playground)

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Playgrounds in Keysborough

Ascot Reserve, Harlequin Drive, Keysborough (local playground)

Bergen Street Reserve, Bergen Street, Keysborough (local playground)

Bilbungra Drive Reserve, Bilbungra Drive, Keysborough (local playground)

Coomoora  Reserve, Coomoora Road, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Donnici Drive Reserve South,  Cafardi Boulevard, Keysborough  (local playground)

Frederick Wachter Reserve, Bloomfield Road, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Geoffrey Carson Reserve, Woomera Avenue, Keysborough (local playground)

Haldane Street Reserve, Haldane Street, Keysborough (local playground)

Henderson Road Reserve, Henderson Road, Keysborough (local playground)

Hidden Grove, Hidden Grove Boulevard, Keysborough (local playground)

Keysborough Parish Church Grounds, Loxwood Avenue, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Keysborough Reserve,  Sunnyvale Crescent, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Kinnoul Avenue Reserve, Kinnoul Avenue, Keysborough (local playground)

Lake View Boulevard Reserve, Lake View Boulevard, Keysborough (local playground)

Maralinga Reserve, Maralinga Avenue, Keysborough (local playground)

Markham Court Reserve, Markham Court, Keysborough (local playground)

Rosene Court Reserve, Rosene Court, Keysborough (local playground)

Roth Hetherington Gardens, Woollahra Avenue, Keysborough (local playground)

Tatterson Park, Cheltenham Road, Keysborough (district playground)

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Playgrounds in Noble Park

John Sheen Reserve, Bowmore Road, Noble Park (local playground)

Charnfield Cres Reserve, Charnfield Crescent, Noble Park (local playground)

Copas Park, Buckley Street, Noble Park (neighbourhood playground)

Edith McPherson Reserve, Namur Street, Noble Park (local playground)

Greenglade Court Reserve, Greenglade Court, Noble Park (local playground)

Kiwanis Park, Goodman Drive, Noble Park (local playground)

Leon Trembath Reserve, Ellt Crescent / Corrigan Road, Noble Park (local playground)

Luxford Reserve, Noble Street / Jennings Street, Noble Park (local playground)

Mills Reserve, Pau Street, Noble Park (local playground)

Naomi Court Reserve, Naomi Court Noble Park(local playground)

Noble Park Reserve, Aenone Avenue, Noble Park (neighbourhood playground)

Parkfield Reserve, Dunblane Road, Noble Park (local playground)

Ross Reserve, Central Memorial Drive, Noble Park (neighbourhood playground)

Ross Reserve, Nth Memorial Drive, Noble Park (local playground)

Sandra Avenue Reserve, Sandra Avenue, Noble Park (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Noble Park North

Barry J. Powell Reserve (South), Halton Road, Noble Park North (neighbourhood playground)

Brown Road Reserve, Browns Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

Coolavin Reserve, Coolavin Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

G.J. Duggan Reserve,  Browns Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

Nimbin Reserve, Nimbin Court, Noble Park North (local playground)

Oakwood Park, 326 Princes Hwy, Noble Park North (neighbourhood playground)

Shelton Reserve, Shelton Crescent, Noble Park North (local playground)

Timberglade Drive Reserve, Timberglade Drive, Noble Park North (local playground)

W.J. Turner Reserve, Jackson's Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Springvale

Edinburgh Road Reserve, Edinburgh Road, Springvale (neighbourhood playground)

Glendale Reserve, Whitworth Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Hope Creek Reserve, Hope Street, Springvale (local playground)

Norman Luth Reserve, Heritage Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Olinda Avenue Reserve, Olinda Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Regent Reserve, Regent Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Springvale Civic Centre, Hillcrest, Grove Springvale (neighbourhood playground)

Victoria Avenue Reserve, Victoria Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Warner Reserve, Central Furnew Street, Springvale(neighbourhood playground)

Warner Reserve, Flynn St, Springvale (Local Playground)

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Playgrounds in Springvale South

Alex Nelson Reserve, Harold Road, Springvale South (neighbourhood playground)

Amersham Avenue Reserve, Amersham Avenue, Springvale South (local playground)

Burden Park Reserve, Heatherton Road, Springvale South (district playground)

Corio Drive Reserve, Corio Drive, Springvale South (local playground)

Spring Valley Reserve, Clarke Road, Springvale South (neighbourhood playground)

Springvale South Reserve, Mackay Street, Springvale South (local playground)

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