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Shorter Cuts Junior Film Festival

Shorter Cuts Junior Film Festival

In 2017 Greater Dandenong’s Short Cuts Film Festival was full of so many young and aspiring filmmakers, that we had to make a new festival – Shorter Cuts Film Festival.

For one day only we’ll be showcasing the awesome talents of some emerging filmmakers – local and international - with a FREE screening at Harmony Square.

Date: Wednesday 27 October
Time: 12pm
Location: Harmony Square, 225 Lonsdale Street Dandenong

Shorter Cuts Film Festival program

Amazing Mums
St Anthony's Primary School
Sarah Siddig, Souze Mubarak, Royce D'Mello, Michelle Quan, Tina Nguyen

The Haunted Golf Course
Resurrection School, Keysborough students

A Letter To You
Director: Rebecca Marquis
Featuring: Jackson Rudan and Emerson Warner

Director: Neha Shenvi
Featuring: Dakshata Dayalu, Rebecca Menahem

Director and Animator: Shanon McKenzie

Mr Sandman
Director: Fiona Sanderson

Mixed Feelings
Director and Producer: Gil Cohen

The Adventure to the Multiworld
Dandenong Primary School Grade 5/6 students

DPS Space Adventure
Dandenong Primary School Grade 5/6 students

Director and Animator: Maryam Farahzadi

Writer and Director: Parastoo Cardgar
Animator: Mahmood Yaghoubi

Lost Johnny
Animator: Sam Waterfall
Narrator: Shaun Newnham

The Carnival
Director and Animator: Sal Cooper

All Indians Are My Brothers and Sisters
Director: Jiji Kalavanal

All I Want
Director: Venika Mitra
Producer: Post Pickle
Featuring: Ballu A. Panchal

Director: Dillan Stock and Cale Maclaren
Featuring: Nathan Galvin, Christopher Riddiford, Fiona Martin, Tracey Poole, Richard Jude, Michael Papachristodoulou, Ben Gartside, Ashan Anandarajan, Karl Preselo, Dani Kovess, Heath Richards

The Autumn
Director and Animator: Xin Li

The Orion Chronicles
Director and Producer: Nyssa Mitchell
Featuring: Llewellyn Mitchell, Hector Skene, Gabriel Skene

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Greater Dandenong Children's Festival 2017

Event Summary
For one day only we will be showcasing the awesome talents of some emerging filmmakers both local and international - with a free screening on the Urban Screen in Harmony Square...

Free event
No bookings required
Wednesday, 27 September 2017
12pm - 2pm

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