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Freemasons Lane Named for Historical Link

Freemasons Lane Named for Historical Link

18 April 2017

In a nod to Dandenong’s historic landmarks and storylines a new laneway has been named in honour of the Freemasons.

Freemasons Lane, which was created as part of the Revitalising Central Dandenong initiative, runs east-west between Mason Street and Moysey Lane.

The new road sits immediately north of the former Dandenong Masonic Hall, which was built at 5 Mason Street in 1923.

The hall was used by the Freemasons until 1991, and has been recorded in the City of Greater Dandenong Heritage Study as having local historical and architectural significance.

Public opinion was sought for the new name and several submissions were made in support of Freemasons Lane, including a petition.

Greater Dandenong Mayor Jim Memeti said the Masonic Hall, which is now owned by Council, remained a powerful visual landmark in what is a popular pedestrian thoroughfare. He said subject to further planning and funding, the building would continue to play a role in the city with a proposal to develop it as a new art gallery.

“The new Freemasons Lane adds to the historical importance of this part of Dandenong’s story, and we are proud to be recognising the role the Freemasons have played and continue to play in our community,” Cr Memeti said.

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