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Council takes measures to reduce seagull numbers in central Dandenong

Council takes measures to reduce seagull numbers in central Dandenong

06 September 2017

Council will install deterrents on four of its multi-storey buildings to reduce seagull numbers in and around central Dandenong.

UV exclusion systems will be placed on the roof of the Dandenong Civic Centre, Drum Theatre and both the Thomas Street and Walker Street multi-deck car parks in the near future.

Greater Dandenong Council’s City Planning, Design and Amenity Director Jody Bosman said the same solar-operated systems had already proven successful at Tullamarine Airport and the new Epping Fruit Market.

“These systems are designed to emit intense light that birds interpret in the same way humans visualise fire,” he said.

“The birds don’t like it and therefore stay away. This is a permanent and long-term solution to the seagull problem.”

Mr Bosman said at the end of the current breeding season Council would also remove any nests found on Council buildings and undertake a thorough clean of those areas.

Greater Dandenong Mayor Councillor Jim Memeti said access to food and breeding sites appeared to be the main reason for the recent increase in seagull numbers.

He said Council was working with business owners in the central activity district to educate them about practical ways they could help reduce the problem.

“We need to ensure that any potential food sources, including waste are removed,” Cr Memeti said.

“Council is also asking business owners to check their properties to ensure they limit any access to potential breeding areas in roof spaces and eaves.”

Cr Memeti said everyone had a role to play in reducing the number of seagulls currently being observed in central Dandenong.

“I implore all members of the public to stop feeding birds in public places,” he said.

“It is not good for their health and it is not good for the local amenity.”

Council officers will be issuing formal notices to people who feed birds, leave food waste uncovered or food bins overflowing.

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