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Parking in Central Dandenong now easier and more accessible

Parking in Central Dandenong now easier and more accessible

07 March 2018

Parking in central Dandenong just got easier and more accessible thanks to a Council review of parking in the city.

The recent changes have led to the introduction of increased time limits and cost reductions in some areas and provide both short and long-term options for shoppers, visitors and workers.

Greater Dandenong Mayor Councillor Youhorn Chea said Council had listened to community feedback and taken action to provide shoppers and visitors with options to park for longer and at a more affordable price.

“Dandenong is a vibrant urban centre and as a result parking is in high demand,” he said.

“Council regularly undertakes parking reviews in the city to ensure we are meeting the needs of visitors, residents, workers and traders.”

Mayor Chea said all of the changes are designed to meet current community needs and also encourage the use of underutilised parking areas.

“We recognise that people are visiting central Dandenong for different reasons,’ he said.

“The viability of our traders and their ongoing success is very important and as a result parking needs to be flexible in cost and timing.”

“We are committed to ensuring we offer a diverse range of parking options that are easier and accessible so the needs of everyone are met.”

For details about the parking changes to central Dandenong and parking options across all of Greater Dandenong go to

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