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SHE exhibition celebrates 20th year

SHE exhibition celebrates 20th year

09 March 2018

Women will once again be celebrated as part of Greater Dandenong’s annual She exhibition.

Now in its 20th year, She 2018 features the work of six emerging female artists who are about to branch out from study into the art world.

Greater Dandenong Mayor Councillor Youhorn Chea said the exhibition had a long and proud history in the City of Greater Dandenong of recognising the talent and contribution of women in our community and more broadly across society.

“This exhibition was established for up-and-coming female artists. It is an opportunity to celebrate their talents and give them a launching pad as they embark on their careers after study,” he said.

She 2018 also coincides with International Women’s Day so it is a true celebration of women and the significant contribution they continue to make to our world.”

Photographer Talia Carroll and digital artist Julia Burke recently graduated from RMIT University. Caroll captures images of the body with a creative edge while Burke uses the shadow cast by the passing sun as an inspiration for her work.

Burke has also been selected to participate in the National Graduate Student Exhibition in Perth, Western Australia.

Yvonne Jemmeson, who works in print, collage and sculpture studied at Chisholm Institute in Dandenong. Jemmeson’s work explores the packaging of consumer goods.

Two Monash University graduates will also feature as part of the exhibition. Susan Pover makes sculptures that are a form of prosthesis. She explores how they make life more difficult rather than easier.

Berth Putri makes intricate, labour intensive large scale drawings informed by Batik motifs that become like personal flags.

The sixth artist is painter Madeline Nibali who graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts. She will take part in the Dandenong Arts Series at Dandenong Library and will host free painting workshops on Tuesday, 13 March and 20 March from 6.30pm to 8pm.

She 2018 runs until March 29 at Walker St Gallery and Arts Centre in Dandenong.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 5pm and Saturday 11am to 3pm.

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