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Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens

Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens

Open to public: Tuesday to Friday, 10am-4pm
Address: 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong (also accessible from Langhorne Street)
Phone: 9793 4511

Summer Closing Dates: Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period from Friday 21 December. The venue will re-open on Tuesday 15 January 2019. 

Heritage Hill Precinct is of local historical and cultural significance, reflecting the course of the City of Greater Dandenong’s cultural history. Laurel Lodge (1869), Benga (1936) and St James’ Anglican Church (1864) offer a glimpse into the everyday lives of a group of prominent locals who lived in the region during the late nineteenth and early-to-mid twentieth centuries.

Today Laurel Lodge and Benga offer visitors opportunities for learning, participation and creative endeavour through tours, classes and exhibitions. Additionally, they regularly welcome artists for short-term residencies to create new work that is inspired and influenced by the real and imagined histories of their temporary studios.