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Open Space Strategy 2009

Future of Open Space

Council is preparing a new Open Space Strategy and recently sought community feedback on open space across our city, including sporting fields, nature reserves, gardens, playgrounds, trails and civic spaces such as Harmony Square in Dandenong.

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Open Space Strategy 2009

The City of Greater Dandenong Open Space Strategy 2009 maps out how, over the next 20 years, we will achieve a quality public park and reserve network to meet the recreational and social needs of the existing and future Greater Dandenong community.

The goal of the strategy is to:

  • provide a range of public parks and reserves within walking distance from most residents that are attractive, interesting, safe, readily accessible and comfortable places to be
  • provide a comprehensive open space network that delivers environmental, social, health and well-being, and economic benefits to the community

The strategy outlines a three tiered hierarchy of district, neighbourhood and local reserves and establishes Open Space Provision Goals and Park Development Standards. Together these guide the planning, design, management, and ongoing maintenance of open space.

Download Open Space Strategy 2009 (PDF - 1.85MB)