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Activities in Parks and Reserves

Do I need a permit?

The following activities in parks and reserves require a permit:

  • Flying any powered model aeroplane
  • Driving a vehicle or riding a horse, except for:
    • the parking of a vehicle in a parking area established for that purpose
    • the wheeling of a bicycle, pram, baby or child carriage, wheelchair or children's toy along a footpath
    • the riding of a bicycle in a manner that does not interfere with the use or enjoyment of a reserve by any other person
    • any staff member of Council (or other person authorised by Council for this purpose) acting in the course of his or her duties
    • riding or driving done in accordance with any applicable Acts or Regulations
    • where the inscription on a sign erected by Council permits it.
  • Lighting a fire or permit any fire to remain alight except in a barbecue provided by Council
  • Selling or offering any goods or services
  • Playing, organising, practising or engaging in any competitive sport or game
  • Camping, pitching, erecting or occupying any camp, tent, caravan or temporary structure
  • Playing or practising golf
  • Hold any circus, carnival, fair or show
  • Conduct or celebrate a wedding or organise, conduct or attend any rally, procession, demonstration or other public gathering (also see Events in Council Parks and Reserves page)

Applying for a local law permit

If a local law permit is required complete an application for a local law permit form (PDF - 332KB).

Fees apply and must be paid at time of application. See Local Law Fees for current permit fees.

Public liability insurance to the value of $20 million per claim is required.

Permit conditions

  • The activity is not to cause any annoyance or obstruction to persons or traffic
  • Permit/permits must be obtained from council, and must be produced on request.