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Busking includes any of the following activities:

  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Singing
  • Giving a recitation
  • Performing magic, juggling, music, puppetry or dance
  • Drawing a message, picture
  • Performing any other form of entertainment on a road or in a public place

Busking at the Dandenong Market is not permitted

Busking is not permitted at the Dandenong Market or around the adjoining streets to the Market.


Is a permit required?

A permit is required for all forms of busking. Busking in the form of singing or playing a non-amplified musical instrument will also require a permit/permission from council , subject to permit conditions.

Download permit conditions


Applying for a local law permit

If a local law permit is required, an application for a busking permit form (103KB) must be completed.

Fees apply and must be paid at time of application. See Local Law Fees for current permit costs.

When submitting an application for any other type of busking, the applicant must attach proof of a $5 million public liability insurance cover indemnifying Council against any possible claims arising from the activity.

Permits issues are only valid for four days within any 30 day period.

Busking conditions

The following conditions apply to buskers:

  • Must obtain written consent from the proprietor of the business outside which they intend to busk
  • Are not to cause annoyance or obstruction to persons or traffic
  • Are not to obstruct doorways of other entrances
  • Must cease the activity immediately when requested by the business proprietor or an authorised council officer
  • Are not to busk in the one location for more than two consecutive days
  • Are not to use electronic amplification equipment, unless they hold a permit that states this is allowed
  • If holding a busking permit, it must be presented upon request