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Skip Bins

No permit is required to place skip bins on your private residential property.

A permit is required to place a skip bin on council or public land, including roads and council reserves.

A skip must be placed on private land if it is possible to do so. A permit will only be considered if you are unable to place the skip on private land.

Applying for a local law permit

If a local law permit is required complete an application for bulk rubbish container skip permit form (Word - 283KB).

Fees apply and must be paid at time of application. See Local Law Fees for current permit fees.

When submitting an application, the applicant must attach proof of a $20 million public liability insurance cover indemnifying Council against any possible claims arising from the activity.

The skip company or the resident can apply for the permit. Bin hire companies whose bins comply with the relevant codes of practice can apply for an annual permit to operate within the City of Greater Dandenong. This permit will allow the company authority to place bins on council or public land, provided that Council is notified where bins are placed 24 hours prior to their placement.

Permit conditions

  • Must adhere to all relevant statutory obligations and codes of practice which exist in the
    State of Victoria (see VicRoads website for code of practice)
  • Vehicle and pedestrian safety must be assured at all times and appropriate provisions must be put in place
  • Bin hire companies must comply with parking regulations in the area of placement
  • A bin cannot be placed in a dead-ended right of way without written consent of all properties whose access is restricted by such placement
  • Bins must be placed in such a way as not to obstruct service authority assets, taxi ranks and bus stops
  • Strict adherence to all regulations governing the operating of Clearways and No Standing areas (ie within 10 metres of an intersection) is required at all times, unless specific written exemptions are given by Council (NOTE: A further permit is required in paid parking areas)
  • Bins should be identified by the supplier’s name and 24 hour contact telephone number
  • Bins can only be placed in one location for a maximum of four days.

Other conditions may also be applied, dependent upon local conditions at the time.