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Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

Maternal and Child Health

Important Information

Council's Maternal and Child Health service has implemented  changes to the its service delivery due to COVID-19.

Please note:

  • All groups have been cancelled

  • The Lactation Clinic is closed until further notice

  • All appointments will now be done over the phone

  • Babies 0-4 months will be seen as a priority

  • If you have any concerns about your babies wellbeing please telephone 13 22 29 (MCH 24 hour line)

  • If you have any concerns related to Coronavirus (COVID19) please telephone 1800 020 080

  • If your baby is between 0-4 months telephone 8571 1880 to make an appointment or speak to a nurse

Maternal and Child Health Services

The City of Greater Dandenong Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Service is a free, confidential service providing child health and developmental checks, information, advice and support to families with young children from birth until 6 years of age. 

In addition to general nurse and midwife qualifications, Maternal and Child Health nurse have completed further studies in family, child and community health. Your nurse’s knowledge and skills are continually updated to ensure the parenting and child health information and advice provided to you is up to date.

When should my child see the Maternal and Child Health Nurse?

It is important to have your child checked by the Maternal & Child Health Nurse at the following key ages and stages:

  • New baby
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • 8 weeks
  • 4 months
  • 8 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • 2 years
  • 3.5 - 4 years

Download the Maternal and Child Health Service '10 Key Visits' brochure (PDF 371KB) for more information.

How do we see a Maternal and Child Health Nurse?

If you have a newborn:

When your baby is born the hospital will advise council’s Maternal and Child Health service of the birth. Administration staff or your Maternal and Child Health Nurse will phone you to arrange the date and time of the first appointment. This usually takes place in your own home. For other checks, you will be asked to attend your Maternal & Child Health Centre.

If you have moved into the area:

If you have recently moved to the City of Greater Dandenong from overseas or elsewhere in Australia and have children less than 4 years of age, contact Maternal & Child Health directly on 8571 1880 (Monday to Thursday, 8.30am–4:30pm and Friday, 8.30am–4pm.

An SMS text message appointment reminder will usually be sent to you the day before each of your Maternal and Child Health centre bookings.

What information does Maternal and Child Health provide?

At your Maternal and Child Health Centre you will be provided with:

  • regular child health and developmental checks
  • screening and referral to additional services if required

You will also receive information about a range of parenting topics and issues, including: 

  • breastfeeding (lactation consultants available for further support) and bottle feeding
  • sleep and settling  
  • starting healthy baby foods and dental health 
  • mother's health and wellbeing including postnatal depression 
  • family planning  
  • immunisation  
  • sleep and settling  
  • play and safety 
  • managing your child's behaviour  
  • playgroups, child care options and pre school 
  • support with family issues including domestic violence and relationships

What if I need extra support?

The Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Service assists families who are in need of more intensive support within their home environment.

Referrals are made by your local Maternal and Child Health Nurse. Please speak to your nurse if you think you are in need of this service.

New parent groups

New parent groups are for parents with babies aged 0-6 months old. While mainly first-time parents attend, if you have other children and missed out on attending a group in the past, you are welcome to attend.

A range of parenting topics are discussed at the sessions, which are held in the morning and afternoon, once a week, for six weeks. Some groups are also provided in languages other than English.

For more information or to make a booking phone 8571 1812.

Maternal and Child Health Service Centre Locations

To make an appointment at your nearest centre simply phone 8571 1880. Use our locations tool to find out which centre is closest to you.


Dandenong, corner of Benga Avenue and Hemmings Street, Dandenong (located in the Dandenong West Primary School grounds)

Dandenong, rear of 186 Forster Street East (located in the Dandenong Primary School grounds)

Dandenong, 39 Clow Street, Dandenong  

Dandenong South, 21 Canberra Avenue, Dandenong South
Albanian and Dari interpreter sessions available

Dandenong North, 70A McFees Road, Dandenong
Shalimar Centre, 1 Milan Court, Dandenong North 


Chandler Centre, 162 Bloomfield Road, Keysborough
Vietnamese and Khmer interpreter sessions available 

Keysborough Maternal & Child Health Centre, 364 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough

Springside Maternal and Child Health Centre, 8 Springside Cresent, Keysborough.

Noble Park 

Paddy O'Donoghue Centre, 18-32 Buckley Street, Noble Park

Noble Park North, 2 Bakers Road, Noble Park


Springvale Service for Children, 26-28 Lightwood Road, Springvale
Khmer, Vietnamese and Burmese interpreter sessions available

Darren Reserve, 3 Gillian Street, Springvale
Vietnamese interpreter sessions available

Springvale Rise, corner of Amiel and Wareham Streets, Springvale

Our service committment

The City of Greater Dandenong Maternal and Child Health Service is committed to providing the very best service possible to you and your family. Client satisfaction surveys are conducted on a regular basis, but your feedback on how you have found the service is welcome any time. You can either complete a client feedback sheet (available from your nurse) or phone the Maternal and Child Health Coordinator on 8571 1809.

All of your personal information is treated in confidence and in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Health Records Act 2001.