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Palm Plaza Seating Project

Palm Plaza, Dandenong, between Clow Street and Walker Street

The Palm Plaza Seating project contributes to making Dandenong a more colourful, animated, safe and enjoyable city.

The two settings titled In the Lounge & In the Kitchen create a homely oasis in an urban street setting. The sites were carefully selected at a junction where people intersect and naturally gravitate to sit outdoors.

The design for each setting was developed by Renata Slusarski from Big Fish P/L, who are experienced in the design and construction of unique structures that successfully blend function and comfort with boldness and creativity.

The arrangements have been developed using fibre glass and cast concrete. The fibre glass surface is clean, hard wearing and comfortable to sit on. Glass panels contain digital artworks were designed to provide a fitting scene to animate the seating elements and fuel people’s imagination.

In the Lounge

The seating arrangement aims to create a homely oasis in an urban street setting. It invites mall users to sit and relax for a while, throw off their slippers and curl up on the plush lounge chair, whilst reflecting on simpler times where television was a source of wonder and everyone gathered around it.

In the Kitchen

This setting suggests morning time, and another room in the home, the kitchen. In one respect, it alludes to simpler times when boiled eggs for breakfast were common, but also for users to invoke folklore tales or simply sit on a brightly coloured egg cup and play a game of chess.