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Unsightly Premises/Naturestrips

The City of Greater Dandenong encourages the maintenance of properties within the municipality, to enhance the amenity and general wellbeing of our community.  

Why are well-maintained properties important?

Well-maintained properties, whether private or commercial/industrial, add greatly to the beauty and amenity of our municipality. Those that are poorly maintained however lead to perceptions that an area is unsafe, untidy and poorly cared for. This in turn can lead to increased levels of graffiti, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour.

In a commercial and industrial environment they can also have a detrimental impact on business, because potential customers associate poor housekeeping practice with poor business practice.

What is an ‘unsightly’ property?

An unsightly premise is one that is untidy, dirty and not maintained. An unsightly property can mean:

  • grass on lawns and nature strips too long and the gardens need attention
  • dumped rubbish visible to the public
  • visible storage of materials like timber, car parts, building products
  • appearance of the premise is in need maintainance work.


Unsightly premises and the law

The owner and/or occupier of land must not allow their property to become unsightly, overgrown or dangerous. Nature strips must be regularly maintained by the property residents.

Buildings that are found to be unsightly will be issued with a compliance notice from Council. The notice will allow up to 21 days for improvements to be made.

If no improvements have been made, Council has the options to organise for maintenance to be carried out at the cost of the owner.

Tips for maintaining your property

  • Regularly maintain gardens and lawns, to ensure a consistent appearance with your neighbours.
  • If you want to store machinery or vehicles on your property, make sure that you contact us first, you may require a permit.
  • Store building materials in a neat and tidy manner, preferably in your back yard or otherwise screened from public view.
  • Any other materials should be stored in sheds or other suitable receptacles. If you are a landlord, remember you are jointly responsible with your tenant/s to ensure that rented properties are also maintained.
  • Nature strips - property owners/tenants are encouraged to maintain their nature strips throughout the year.

Naturestrip maintenance in Somerfield Estate, Keysborough South

As part of the subdivision guidelines, the developer responsible for subdivision of land must landscape in accordance with Council approved plans. This includes parks, gardens, trees and naturestrips.

In most cases the developer is responsible for such maintenance for the first three years of the site.

Residents within the Somerfield Estate in Keysborough South can refer to the website which provides general information relating to this subdivision.

More information on maintenance in this estate