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Noxious Weeds on Private Property

A noxious weed is a plant species that has been designated by a country, state, provincial, or national agricultural authority as one that is invasive to agricultural and/or horticultural crops, natural habitats and ecosystems, and/or humans or livestock.

Noxious weeds on properties

If a property is found to have noxious weeds growing, Council can issue a notice to the property owner to have the weeds removed.

If the weeds have not been removed within one month, Council has the option to undertake the work at the cost of the owner.

Disposal of noxious weeds

Noxious weeds can be placed in your garden waste bin. Garden waste undergoes a pasteurisation process, where it is heated to high temperatures which ensures the seeds can not germinate.

Noxious and declared weeds can also be placed in the garbage waste bin, but put them in a plastic bag and tie the top, to ensure they are not spread further once they get to landfill.