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The City of Greater Dandenong is divided into four wards. Each ward is has two or three Councillors who are elected every four years by the community. The City of Greater Dandenong has 11 Councillors whose role is to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers. The Mayor is elected each year by the Councillors.

For more information about the role of local government and the specific roles of our councillors and Mayor visit the Role of Local Government page.

Current Councillors

Lightwood Ward

Cr Youhorn Chea 2017

Cr Sean O'Reilly 2017

Cr Loi Truong 2017

Cr Youhorn Chea 

Cr Sean O'Reilly

Cr Loi Truong


Paperbark Ward

Councillor Tim Dark 2019

Councillor Sophie Tan 2019

Cr Peter Brown

Cr Tim Dark

Cr Sophaneth (Sophie) Tan


Red Gum Ward

Cr Matthew Kirwan 2017

Cr Angela Long

Cr Jim Memeti 2017


Cr Matthew Kirwan

Cr Angela Long

Cr Jim Memeti (Mayor)


Silverleaf Ward

Cr Zaynoun Melhem

Cr Maria Sampey



Cr Zaynoun Melhem

Cr Maria Sampey

Councillor allowances

Section 74 of the Local Government Act 1989 (LGA) stipulates that Council must pay allowances to the Mayor and Councillors not exceeding the limit set by an Order in Council for the purposes of the Act. Each Councillor receives the same allowance and all allowances are set pro rata per annum as follows:

Allowance as at 30 June 2018

  • Councillor allowance: $30,223
  • Mayoral allowance: $96,504

A amount equivalent to the superannuation guarantee of 9.5% under Commonwealth taxation legislation is also paid in addition to these allowances.

Under Council’s Councillor Support, Reimbursement and Accountability Policy, Council also provides the Mayor with the use of a fully registered, insured, maintained and fuelled Council vehicle for use by the Mayor on official duties and for private use.

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