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Ward Boundaries

New Ward Structure for Greater Dandenong

At the start of May 2020, the Minister for Local Government announced that Greater Dandenong would have its electoral structure changed back to single member wards for the 2020 local government elections.

The new ward boundaries were informed by the work undertaken by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) in its recent electroral representation review in 2019 and ensure that each councillor represents roughly the same number of voters.

Council suggested to the Minister that the 11 new wards be named after the areas they predominantly represent and the Minister has now accepted these names. An Order in Council applying the new boundaries and ward names has now been made by the Governor in Council and was published in the Victoria Government Gazette on 9 July 2020. The new ward structure will apply for the local government elections in October 2020 (you will be voting for Councillors to represent the new wards) but it will not come into force until the day after the elections.

Download the new ward map applicable to the October 2020 Council Elections (2MB)

Current Ward Structure

Currently, the City of Greater Dandenong is divided into four wards - Lightwood (three councillors), Paperbark (three councillors), Red Gum (three councillors) and Silverleaf (two councillors).

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Download the current ward map (PDF - 238KB)


Lightwood Ward

Cr Youhorn Chea, Cr Sean O'Reilly, Cr Loi Truong
Taking in the suburbs of Springvale and Springvale South

Lightwood Ward boundaries:
Corner of Princes Hwy and Westall Road heading along Princes Hwy Southeast to intersection of Police Road, Police Road (East) to Eastern boundary of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Princes Hwy (West), Corrigan Road (South), Henderson Road (West), Darren Road (South), Coomoora Road (West), Springvale Road (South), Proposed Dingley Fwy (Northwest), Tootal Road (Northeast), Heatherton Road (East), Westall Road (North) to starting point.

Paperbark Ward

Cr Peter Brown, Cr Tim Dark, Cr Sophie Tan
Taking in the suburbs of Keysborough and Noble Park

Paperbark Ward boundaries:
Corner of Springvale Road and Coomoora Road heading East, Darren Road (North), Henderson (East), Corrigan Road (North), Princes Hwy (Southeast), East Link (South), Proposed Dingley Fwy (West), Cheltenham Road (West), Springvale Road (north) to starting point.

Red Gum Ward

Cr Matthew Kirwan, Cr Angela LongCr Jim Memeti
The largest ward demographically, taking in the suburbs of Dandenong, Dandenong South, Keysborough South, Lyndhurst and Bangholme

Red Gum Ward boundaries:
Corner of Springvale Road and Cheltenham Road heading East, Proposed Dingley Fwy (East), East Link (North), Heatherton Road (East), Gladstone Road (North), Sylvia Street (East), Devira Street (North), Carlton Road (East), Stud Road (North), Monash Fwy (Southeast), Dandenong Creek (South), North Boundary of Thomas Carroll Reserve, (East), Claredale Road (South).Princes HWY (East), South Gippsland Freeway (South), Dandenong Hastings Road (South), Thompsons Road (West), Mornington Freeway (Northwest), Springvale Road (North) to starting point.

Silverleaf Ward

Cr Zaynoun Melhem, Cr Maria Sampey
Taking in Noble Park North and a section of Dandenong North

Silverleaf Ward boundaries:
Road and Eastern boundary of Springvale Botanical Cemetery heading along Police Road, Police Road (west), Dandenong Creek (Southeast), Monash Fwy (Northwest), Stud Road (South), Carlton Road (West), Devira Street (South), Sylvia Street (West), Gladstone Road (South), Heatherton Road (West), Princes Hwy (Northwest) to Southwest corner of the Eastern boundary of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, along the Eastern boundary of Springvale Botanical Cemetery to starting point.