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Councillor Support, Reimbursement and Accountability Policy

This policy summarises the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989 in respect to Councillor allowances, expenses and support.  It confirms the facilities and support that may be provided to Councillors to assist them in performing or discharging their official functions and duties.

The policy is guided by the following principles:

  • Councillors should not be out-of-pocket as a result of performing and discharging their Council functions and duties
  • Any reimbursements claimed by Councillors must be for expenses actually and necessarily incurred in performing and discharging their official council functions and duties
  • The payment of Councillor allowances and the reimbursement of expenses must be accountable and transparent to the community.

This policy is also comprised of components of Council’s Accessibility, Transparency and Accountability (ATA) Charter which was established in 2009 and subsequently abolished on 28 October 2013.  The practices set out in the ATA Charter are now fully covered under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989, Council’s Meeting Procedure Local Law No. 1 and Councillor Support, Reimbursement and Accountability Policy, or have been fully adopted as standard Council practice.

Under this policy, Greater Dandenong will maintain this web page, which highlights the attendance of Mayor and Councillors at council meetings and briefing meetings, and a table of the Mayor and Councillors' expenses.

The Mayor and Councillors' attendance at council meetings and briefing meetings is updated fortnightly. The Mayor and Councillors' expenses are updated monthly, outlining expenditure recorded to date for the previous month and updates to any expenditure for previous months processed after the last update.

The expenses include mobile phones, conferences, training, airfares, taxi fares, accommodation and meals, childcare, vehicle/mileage, stationery, equipment and any other expenses claimed.

Download the Councillor Support, Reimbursement and Accountability Policy (PDF - 160KB)

Mayor and Councillor attendance at
councillor briefing sessions and council meetings

Mayoral and Councillor expenses