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City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

Lost and Found Animals

If you lose your pet

Head to and like our 'Greater Dandenong Lost and Found Pets' page. Our Animal Management officers post photos of the animals they have found here and the community can do the same if the have lost or found pets. It's one way we are working to get owners and pets reunited sooner.

If you lose your pet you can contact the council pound during opening hours.

Council pound

Address: 920 Thompsons Road, Cranbourne
Phone: 9702 8055
Operating hours: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-1pm, closed public holidays

If they don't have your pet there, they'll put your pet's details on their lost and found register, so if your pet does turn up they can contact you to let you know.

You can also check the following centres ot see if your pet has been taken there:

  • Australian Animal Protection Society
    1/132 Bangholme Rd Dandenong South
    Phone: 9798 8415
    Open: Monday to Saturday, 10am-3pm
    Corner Burwood Highway and Middleborough Rd, East Burwood
    Phone: 9224 2222
  • Peninsula Animal Aid
    Corner Smiths Rd and Robinsons lane, Pearcedale
    Phone: 5978 6706

If you find someone's pet

If you find a dog or cat you must, as soon as is reasonably possible, deliver it to the council of the municipality it is found in, or to an authorised person or body.

If you find a dog or cat, make sure you do not keep it unlawfully. Council Officers have the resources at their disposal to make every effort to locate and contact the owner as quickly as possible to enable the owner to be reunited with their pet.

If you find a dog:

The first place people usually ring when their animal is lost is Council, so if you find a dog, contact Council and we will arrange to collect it and try to find its owner. Animal Management Officers carry microchip scanners with them and can often locate the owner within minutes of scanning the animal.

We return over 70% of dogs back to their owners. In most cases, where the dog is currently registered and there is no prior history of the dog escaping, we return it directly to its owner free of charge.

If no owner can be found for an animal after days, we entrust it to the closest pound/shelter to try finding a new family to adopt it.


If you find a cat:

Cats can only be collected if they are trapped in a Council approved cat trap. For Occupation Health and Safety reasons, and to minimise stress to the animals, they are not handled and scanned for a microchip until they have calmed down at the pound.

Unfortunately, around 75% of impounded cats are assessed as un-owned/feral and so are not able to be kept as pets. For more information on what you can do to help with stray cats visit the Who’s for Cats? website.