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Building Permits

Important information

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic Greater Dandenong Council is taking action to contain the spread of the virus and reduce the health risk to all its residents and visitors.

While Council will do its best to maintain essential service delivery, there may be the need for some modifications.

As a result site inspections will be running on a case by case basis and may need to be modified depending on the type of inspection required and the health risk involved. We appreciate your understanding during these challenging times.

For more information or enquires, please do not hesitate to contact Building and Compliance Services on 8571 1000.

Building Permits

A building permit is required before commencement of most building work. The definition of 'building work' in the legislation includes new buildings, demolition and/or alteration. In many cases the builder or architect/draftsperson obtains the permit on behalf of the property owner.

Building permits are issued by building surveyors. An application for a building permit may be made to the Municipal Building Surveyor (Council's appointed official) or a private building surveyor (a registered person privately appointed by or on behalf of the owner, having no connection with Council).

The actual application for a building permit can only be done by law by the owner of land or a person acting as an agent of the owner of the land. An agent is required to have written authority to act as the agent from the owner.

Before you apply for a building permit

  • Check if you need a building permit
    For information about which works do and don't require a building permit, we recommend you check the 'Building Permits' section of the Victorian Building Authority's website.

  • If building work is proposed it is wise to check whether a Planning Permit is also required, as a building permit cannot be issued unless any relevant planning permits have been provided.

How to apply for a building permit

In order to obtain a building permit, you are required to complete a building permit application form (PDF - 146KB).

Provide copies of documents

Provide three copies of the following documents (prepared by a registered building practitioner):

  • Site plan showing the location of the existing dwelling and the proposed new works, any easements, site boundaries, etc.
  • If the works are located on or close to the boundary, also show the outline of the neighbouring house with dimensions from the boundary
  • Floor plan detailing length and width of proposed work
  • Elevations showing the profile of the proposed building works including its height to roof and the way it connects to the existing building
  • A section detailing material types and sizes, spacing and connection methods
  • Details, such as footings and framing members
  • Engineers structural drawings and computations (please note that the Municipal Building Surveyor may request design certification from the engineer)

The following items may also be required:

  • Copy of land title
  • Smoke alarm location plan (ensuring the proposed location is within 3 metres of bedrooms)
  • If the application is for domestic works costing more than $16,000 and not constructed by the owner of the property, evidence of home warranty insurance will be required
  • Owner-builders consent from the Building Practitioners Board if constructing as an owner-builder and cost of works are $16,000 or more. Legislation was introduced in June 2005 with special requirements for the issuing of building permits to owner builders.
  • Energy rating certificate and report
  • Two copies of soil report
  • Two copies of a reestablishment survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor
  • Details of any town planning permit and copy of endorsed plans
  • Details of any protection of adjoining property before and during building work
  • Details of precautions to protect the safety of the public before and during the building work

Pay any fees

A building application fee is applicable and is determined by type and size of works. For an approximate quote contact Council.

A lodgement fee of $121.90 is applicable to all works.

A levy of $1.28 cents per $1000 of the cost of work over $10,000 is also payable.

Lodge the building permit application

Building Services
City of Greater Dandenong
PO Box 200
Dandenong, Vic  3175
  • In person - only at the Dandenong Civic Centre, 225 Lonsdale Street DANDENONG 3175.