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Statistical Data for Victorian Communities

This page contains a range of statistical information about social, health and economic outcomes for all Victorian localities.

This data is a collaboration between the City of Greater Dandenong and the Victorian Local Government Association (VLGA). All files are in Excel format unless otherwise stated.

If you have an enquiries or require assistance with the information on this page please contact Hayden Brown on 8571 5300 or email

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Community profiles

Summaries of all municipalities
Summaries of all suburbs and towns
Suburbs: Detailed information by suburb and segment of the community 
Summaries of people who work in each municipality

Time series profile

Summary of demographic changes in municipalities over last 25 years

Create your own profiles

Regional Profile Builder
Small Area Profile Builder (Please note: 16MB file)
Small area working population profile builder

Indicators of health and wellbeing

Indicators of health, housing, community, education, employment, transport and safety in metropolitan municipalities.

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Data tables

Alcohol and other drugs

Liquor sales per adult 
Alcohol and drug (related harm)

Review of decisions by VCAT about Licensed Premises
Alcohol premises by type and location



Ancestry by age


Arts and Culture

Arts Participation


Asylum seekers and refugees

Asylum seekers by gender, age and birthplace


Service demand estimator - based on population and service provision benchmarks
Suburb comparison - identification of similar suburbs for benchmarking purposes


Profiles of cultural diversity - Statistical profiles of birthplace groups in each municipality
Birthplaces by age
Birthplaces by selected age range - persons by birthplace, age and municipality of residence
Birthplaces by age and gender
Birthplaces by suburb
Early school leaving by birthplace
Birthplace by municipality and municipality by birthplace
Birthplace by spoken language
Geographic concentration of cultural groups 
Emerging communities
Profile of Pacific Islanders



Births and birth rates 
Birth trends in Australia and Victoria

Community strengthening

Measures of community connection and other local survey results
Volunteering by age and sex
Volunteering by birthplace


Concordance (comparing data between municipalities, suburbs, postcodes and electorates)

Suburbs, postcodes and electorates within each municipality
Conversion of postcode to municipal data
Concordance between SA2 areas and suburbs



Crime rates
Offences by suburbs
Violent crime: inside and outside the home
Crime index: Impact of crime on local communities
Family violence incidents
Review of family violence issues
Vehicle impoundments

Disability and carers

Age adjusted disability rates
Disability by age and sex
Disability by birthplace
Disability forecasts
Disability by labor force status
Disability and lone persons 
Age adjusted rates of disability
Carers by age and gender 
Carers by birthplace and gender


Attendance at kindergarten by 4 year olds
Australian early development Index results 
Literacy and numeracy in school students
Early school leaving by age and sex
Early school leaving by birthplace
Highest year of school completed by gender 1916-1996
Youth disengagement by birthplace
Employment and education pathways of young people
Type of educational institution attended by students
Government and private school attendance
Participation in tertiary education by young people
Overseas students - gender, birthplace, type of institution
Post-school qualifications 
Persons with a degree by gender and age
Qualifications by gender and age
Employment by education level (30-39 year olds)


Employment and residence

Employment within the municipality by LGA of residence / employment of residents by LGA of work
Suburb of residence and place of work

English fluency

Fluency by birthplace, age and gender
Fluency by language and age



Selected environmental measures 
Tree canopy cover



Gambling venues, machines and losses 
Gambling venues and losses by state electorate
Losses to all forms of legal gambling
Prevalence of all forms of legal gambling
Estimated gaming losses as a proportion of income
Estimated prevalence of severe gambling problems
Guide to gaming decisions by VCGLR
Review of VCAT gambling decisions
Gambling related issues for local government
Club contributions to the community 
Gambling venue tax calculator
Gaming applications approved and refused by the VCGLR
Guide to gaming applications
Gambling Losses - Equivalent number of children who could be fed in a year
Change in EGM Gambling Expenditure by year

Read Gender statistics



House and land purchase prices
Housing rental costs
Housing rental affordability
Housing costs relative to income levels
Rent related poverty
Home ownership by birthplace
Non-private accommodation and homelessness 
Group housing
Housing tenure type by age
Housing structure by age
Overcrowding and under-utilisation of housing

Immigration and settlement



Indigenous residents

Profiles of Indigenous residents
Indigenous progress in education over several decades 
Prevalence of disability among Indigenous residents


Businesses numbers by type, turnover and employment 
Businesses by suburb
Inflation - Consumer Price Index


Internet and Social Media

Use of social media and the internet


LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans-sexual, Intersex, Queer) 

Same and opposite-sex couples 
Marriage vote results by electorate and municipality  
Same-sex couples by municipality and suburb
Intimate partner violence among LGBTI communities



Rates of limited English literacy by age and gender
Literacy in first language



Liveability indicators for suburbs
Quality of life measures


Older residents

Profile of older residents by municipality

Population and age

Population by age and gender 
Population - actual resident population
Population - estimated resident population by age 
Population by SA2 area
Population mobility
Service demand estimator
Create your population projections - a do it yourself tool
Population forecasts older residents by birthplace


Religion by age and birthplace


Road accidents
Preventable fires
Crime and perceptions of safety (see Crime)

Spoken languages

Spoken languages by age
Spoken language by age, fluency and year of arrival
Spoken language by recency of arrival
Spoken language by suburb
Spoken language by family composition
Spoken languages by age and English fluency
Languages spoken by birthplace
Nations and their spoken languages
Guide to non-English radio and print media in Melbourne

Social disadvantage

SEIFA Index of disadvantage
Social Security payments by type and postcode
Disadvantage by suburb and segment of the community




Suicide rates by gender and age  



Tourism visits by municipality


Methods of travel to work
Origins and destinations of travel to work
Road Accidents - rate and number of casualty and fatal crashes 
Car ownership levels
Car ownership by family type 

  • Unemployment

Unemployment rates and numbers
Unemployment by birthplace
Families with no parent or partner in paid employment



Volunteering by age and sex
Volunteering by birthplace


Levels of informal voting
Voting participation at Victorian council elections 
Donations to political parties

Young people

Profile of young people
Youth disengagement by gender - young people not in work or education
Youth disengagement by gender and age - by birthplace 
Youth disengagement by gender, age, education and children born
Employment and education pathways of young people
Measures of youth health and wellbeing


General guides

A guide to social information on the internet
Correlations between social conditions
Project planning tool
Create your own population projections - a do it yourself tool
Guide to social impact assessment

Evaluation guides

Guide to evaluation for local government

A guide to social statistics

Full booklet
Powerpoint presentation
How to use basic statistics

Surveying techniques

Survey tabulation system
Guide to writing effective survey questions
Sample size calculator