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City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

Pet Registration

Why you need to register your pet

  • The law requires all owners to register cats and dogs over three months with their local council
  • Registering cats and dogs greatly improves their chances of being returned to the owner if they become lost
  • Registering your pet provides Council access to a rich source of information to assist the community more effectively. This allows them to respond to calls of dogs wandering at large, dog attacks, nuisance barking, cat trespassing, stray and feral cat colonies control of dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs; monitor pet shops, boarding facilities and breeding establishments; establishing and monitoring dog off leash areas; and monitoring parks and reserves to maintain a safe environment for all users.
  • A portion of the fee goes to State Government (Bureau of Animal Welfare) to fund research and education into responsible pet ownership

Important information about your pet registration

  • All new cats and dogs must be microchipped before they can be registered
  • Pets under three months old can be registered free (for the remainder of the current year's registration period)
  • The registration period goes from 10 April to 9 April each year
  • Failure to register your pet will incur a penalty
  • Upon receipt of completed a registration form and payment, Council will issue a registration tag
  • Registration tags must be worn on the pet's collar at all times as it assists Council to contact you should your pet be found away from home (working dogs are exempt from wearing tags when working livestock)

Pet Registration Fees 2019 (PDF - 473KB)


City of Greater Dandenong pet registration tag

Pet registration payment methods

New pet registrations:

Renewing your pet registration:

  • Take you renewal invoice and payment in person to a Council Customer Service Centre or any Australia Post outlet
  • Pay your registration renewal online
  • Phone 8571 1000 to pay over the phone with a credit card
  • Pay via Bpay (see renewal slip for details)
  • Return payment slip with a cheque/money order made out to 'City of Greater Dandenong' for the appropriate amount to:

    Regulatory Services
    City of Greater Dandenong
    PO Box 200 DANDENONG VIC 3175

Current cat registration fees

 Cats will be registered until 9 April 2020.


Standard fee

Pensioner fee

Full fee



Under 3 months of age
(this charge is only for the compulsory $4 State Government Levy)



Reduced fee for cats previously registered in CGD if cat is:

  • Desexed
  • Registered with FCC
  • Over 10 years of age
  • Kept by a registered breeder

Proof is required for discount. See acceptable proof section.



Current dog registration fees

Dogs will be registered until 8 April 2020.


Standard fee

Pensioner fee

Full fee



Reduced fees if dog is:

  • Desexed
  • Over 10 years of age
  • Kept for Working Stock
  • Undergone Obedience Training
  • Kept by a registered breeder
  • Registered with VCA

(Does not apply to Dangerous/Menacing/Restricted Breeds)

Proof is required for discount. See acceptable proof section.



Under 3 months of age
(this charge is only for the compulsory $4 State Government Levy)



Guide dog



Restricted breeds and dangerous dogs
(Includes guard dogs)



Declared Menacing dogs



Acceptable proof for reduced registration fee

Please note: a letter or statutory declaration from the owner of the pet is not acceptable proof.

Applicable organisations

Certificate required.


  • Dogs Victoria

Greyhound Dogs

  • If registered with Greyhound Racing Victoria, Council registration is not required


  • Australian National Cats Inc.
  • Cats Victoria Inc.
  • Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc.
  • The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc.


  • Desexing certificate
  • Letter from vet confirming the animal is desexed
  • Confirmation from Council Ranger who has attended and examined the animal

10 years old 

  • Vet records
  • Certificate from vet 

Undergone obedience training and have a certificate recognised by the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

List of approved obedience trainers:

Kept by a registered breeder

  • Council permit


Refund policy

  • Refunds are only available within the first 6 months of the registration year or if the pet owner acquires a new pet during the current registration year. This registration may be transferred to the new pet at no cost.
  • For a deceased pet – 50% refund of fee paid (must be over $10).
  • Where registration has already been paid and a pet has subsequently been desexed or trained in accordance with the requirements of the Domestic Animals Act Regulations, the refund is the difference between the full fee and the reduced fee.
  • Should a person pay registration fee/s prior to commencement of the registration period and the subject pet dies before that period commences, a full refund shall be made.  The refund shall be subject to provision of evidence of the pet’s death.

Desexing policy

  • Pet owners have to pay full fee unless the pet is desexed (or over 10 years old or a member of an applicable organisation).
  • If the pet is desexed within a month of registration then the owner may produce evidence of desexing to customer service to be eligible for the discounted rate; the difference will be refunded to them.