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City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

City of Greater Dandenong Animal Management

Dangerous and Menacing Dogs

What is a dangerous dog?

A dangerous dog is a dog that council has declared to be dangerous because it has attacked a person or animal and has caused serious injury or a dog which is kept as a guard dog in a shop or factory.

In addition, if your dog is kept for the purpose of guarding non residential premises it is automatically deemed a dangerous dog under the Domestic Animals Act 1994. This status remains for life, even if the dog is no longer used to guard non-residential premises.

What is a menacing dog?

This is a dog which has been out and rushed at a person while growling and barking but has not actually attacked. Council may decide this dog presents a danger to the public and declare it a menacing dog.

Restrictions for dangerous and menacing dogs

If a dog has been declared dangerous by Council, the owner must, by law, take precautions in the way they keep and control their dogs to ensure the safety of the community.

Dangerous dog restrictions:

  • The dog must be housed in a special enclosure
  • Signs must be displayed at the entrance to the property
  • The dog must wear a dangerous dog collar
  • The dog must be microchipped
  • The dog must be muzzled and on a leash at all times in public

Menacing dogs restrictions:

  • The dog must be muzzled and on a leash at all times in public

Reporting dangerous and menancing dogs

If you would like to report a menacing or dangerous dog, contact Council or fill in our online report form.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The dog next door barks and growls at me when I’m near the fence. I’m sure it would bite me if it got the chance. Is it a dangerous dog?
    Not according to the law. A dog must attack and cause injury before Council can declare it dangerous.

  • My dog is only small. Surely this doesn’t apply to him?
    Wrong! If your dog is capable of rushing at and frightening someone, it could be declared menacing.

  • What happens if I just ignore Council’s declaration?
    You will be taken to court, you may receive a severe fine and you will be made to comply.

  • What if I just move to another Council?
    You must inform both the old and new Council if you move.