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Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

Child Friendly City Greater Dandenong

Child Care

Why is quality child care important?

  • Children are born ready to learn
  • Encouraging learning in the early years is important and it's benefits last a lifetime
  • The best learning happens through nurturing relationships
  • The brain develops through use
  • Children’s wellbeing is critical to brain development and learning
  • Children learn through being engaged and doing, watching and copying
  • Children learn language by listening to it and using it
  • Children are born ready to use and learn mathematics

Types of child care available

Long day care/centre-based child care services

Long day care services provide care or education for children on an all-day or part-time basis.

Care is provided mainly for children aged between 0-6 years old, although some services provide care for limited numbers of primary school-age children before and after school and during school holidays.

Long day care services employ qualified staff and some services also offer a kindergarten program.  There are community based services and also privately owned services.

Occasional child care

Occasional child care services provide flexible care and learning experiences for children from birth to school age. Families can access occasional care regularly or just when needed. Services are provided in a range of settings including neighbourhood houses and sports and leisure facilities for short periods of time.  Occasional care services employ qualified staff.

Family Day Care

A family day care service is a network of carers who provide care or education in their own homes for other people’s children. 

Family day care is aimed at children from 0-5 five years old, but does also cater for primary school-age children. This type of care may be available overnight or on weekends for families who are on-call or work shifts.

Council runs a Family Day Care Scheme. For local information go to the family day care section of  this website.

Before and after school care/vacation care

These services provide care and supervised activities for primary aged children during school terms at the beginning of school hours and after school hours. Children are encouraged to be creative and make their own choices. Children are challenged and stimulated while interacting with their friends.

For information on independent childcare and family day providers, visit and search on