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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport

Road Register

Under the requirements of the Road Management Act 2004, Council must publish a register of public roads of which it is the coordinating road authority.

The City of Greater Dandenong is the coordinating road authority for all municipal roads within the city. A municipal road is any road which is not a state road such as a freeway or arterial road for which Vic Roads is the coordinating road authority.

The register of public roads published by the City of Greater Dandenong only contains the names of public roads that are under the care and maintenance of the City of Greater Dandenong. Freeways or arterial roads which are the responsibility of VicRoads are not be listed in Council's register.

Information contained in the Register

  • The name of the public road. (Councils register breaks the individual road down into the segments that match our asset register, so that for a typical local road there may be 3 or 4 segments that make up the whole road length.)
  • The classification of the public road. (The classification hierarchy of the road, ie unclassified arterial (urban), unclassified arterial (rural), collector (urban), collector (rural), local (urban), local (rural) and lane).
  • The date on which the road became a public road. (The date of completion of the subdivision that created the road for all roads constructed after 1 July 2004).
  • The date on which the road ceases to be a public road if council determines remove the "public road" status of the road.
  • The reference to any plan or instrument that fixes or varies the boundaries of the public road. (ie the plan of subdivision reference number that created the road. Only applicable after 1 July 2004).
  • Any ancillary areas. (ie a section of land abutting a road reserve that council would like to include within the public road status such as an adjoining car park area. No ancillary areas have been identified to date).
  • A reference to any agreement transferring responsibility for road management function of any part of a public road to or from another road authority. (ie an agreement with an adjoining municipality on managing a boundary road between the two municipalities).

Inspecting the register

The register of public roads is available for public inspection.

Download the City of Greater Dandenong Road Register (PDF - 154KB)