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The City of Greater Dandenong works in partnership with the community regarding all aspects of graffiti. Council's Graffiti Management Program works on the four successful pillars of education, engagement, erasure and enforcement, and a number of programs are in place to manage graffiti.

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is writing, drawing, marking, scratching or otherwise defacing property by any means without consent so that the defacement is not easily removable. The materials commonly used for graffiti are spray cans, felt-tipped pens and sharp instruments.

How can you help prevent graffiti?

Blank walls and fences attract graffiti, as do corner blocks and high-visibility fences. You can reduce the likelihood of graffiti on your property by:

  • using appropriate garden planting, such as vines or spiky plants
  • using darker-coloured materials for fences
  • using an anti-graffiti coating in high-risk areas
  • maintaining your property in good order - a poorly maintained property attracts graffiti
  • designing fences so they are less likely to be graffitied (eg wrought iron fence)
  • removing any graffiti that occurs as soon as possible
  • reporting graffiti in process to Victoria Police by calling 000


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Removing graffiti

Graffiti on your property in public view

Council has a free graffiti removal service for graffiti on private property when it can be viewed from the public domain and where entry onto private property is not required for the removal (eg fences, building walls, shop fronts). The service can be accessed by contacting Council. Your request will be logged and actioned by council’s graffiti removal contractor.

Graffiti on your property not in public view

If the graffiti on your property does not meet the criteria for free removal, or you would prefer to arrange for its removal yourself, the following options for removal are available: 

  1. Arrange for a private contractor to remove graffiti (listed in Yellow Pages) 
  2. Access Council's graffiti removal contractor Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) who will provide a professional removal service via an easy credit card transaction over the phone. Ph 9265 5811.
  3. If you have a painted or wooden fence, painting over graffiti is the most efficient and cost-effective option. When painting over graffiti test a small area and if the graffiti bleeds through the paint, use a sealant first.
  4. Visit Council's customer service centres for a free graffiti removal kit.

Graffiti on other properties

You can report all graffiti to Council on 8571 1000 or submit a report form. Please make sure you include the closest address (eg property number, a landmark, park or street) and take note of the surface type and size of the graffiti. The more information you give, the quicker Council can act.

Graffiti should also be reported to the Police so they are aware of the issues.

Free graffiti removal kits

Free graffiti removal kits are available to residents and businesses from one of our customer service centres.

The graffiti removal kits are designed to remove small areas of graffiti from brick, colour bond, concrete and unpainted metal surfaces.

Kits are available subject to availability. For more information, please contact Council.

Download Graffiti Removal Brochure 2018 (PDF - 900KB)


How to use the graffiti removal kits

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Portable graffiti removal system

Council can provide community groups, businesses and residents the free use of a portable graffiti removal system (PRS) for one-off clean up or community days. For further information contact Council.


Graffiti Initiatives

Council is committed to addressing the issue of graffiti vandalism throughout the municipality. As part of Council’s Graffiti Management Plan, Council engages the community through a range of proactive projects, including Council’s annual Community Clean-Up Day. Each year, the Clean-up day is held in different location and encourages residents to be active in their local community, report instances of graffiti vandalism and provide demonstrations on safe options to remove graffiti from their property. 

Recently, Council received funding from the Department of Justice and Regulations for a graffiti removal project along the railway corridor on Lightwood Road, Springvale. Council partnered with students from the Noble Park Languages School who created artwork for the railway corridor that celebrated the students’ new sense of community as many were newly arrived migrants, refugees or asylum seekers.

More information

Download Graffiti Management Plan 2013-18 (PDF - 870KB)

Download Graffiti Brochure 2016 (PDF - 282KB)

Download Graffiti Removal Brochure 2018 (PDF - 900 KB)