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Fire Services Levy

The Victorian Government requires local councils to collect a Fire Services Levy on their behalf, as part of rates notices.

Your rates notice will include a clear list of your Council rates and the Victorian Government Fire Services Levy.

The Fire Services Levy is used to fund the Country Fire Authority and Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

The levy is not new, but was previously included in insurance premiums and therefore was only paid by those who had insurance cover.

All property owners will be required to pay the property-based levy, which includes a fixed and variable component.

  • The fixed component is $113 for residential properties and $230 for non-residential properties
  • The variable component will be calculated as a percentage of capital improved property values, which is shown on your rates notice.

For more information visit or contact the State Revenue Office on 132161 (press option 8; option 2; option 1) or email

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