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Naming New Places in Dandenong

As the revitalisation of central Dandenong initiative progresses and new streets and public spaces are created, there will be on going opportunities for place naming.

Place naming is an important way of honouring the stories of the city, its layers of history, peoples and cultures.  Through this process, the identities of central Dandenong are celebrated, preserved and expanded.

Examples include:

  • 2010 - Stockmans Bridge
    New vehicle and pedestrian bridge linking George Street and Cheltenham Road (picutred below)
  • 2010 - Rudduck Street
    New street extending from George Street to Foster Street
  • 2011 - Halpin Way
    New shared street extending from Thomas Street to Rudduck Street
  • 2011 - Settlers Square 
    New public space north of the Dandenong Station
  • 2012 - Curran Lane
    Extension to a historic lane located on the western side of the new government services office

Ongoing processes will enable the community to participate in the nomination and short listing of place names. 

For further information on these projects contact Council.