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Council Meetings

Council meetings are held twice each month and are open to the public.  Meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong and commence at 7pm.

At this time, Council meetings will proceed and remain open to the public, however you are encouraged to view the meetings via Council's telecast rather than in person. Attendees at the meeting will be requested to maintain social distancing and not approach Councillors or staff.

View meeting dates, location and times 2020

View council meetings live

View council meetings live (plus archived Council meetings)

To view the archive, click on view council meeting live, click the archive tab, then select the meeting to wish to view and then select the agenda tab. You can also select the specific agenda item you wish to view.

Please note: We do not make additional copies of council meetings available.

Council meeting agendas and minutes

Council meeting agendas are available to view online or at Council's Customer Service Centres and Libraries from 12pm on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Council meeting minutes are available to view online at Council's Customer Service Centres and Libraries approximately four days after the meeting.

View Council meeting agendas and minutes

View responses to Councillor questions taken on notice (as they become available)

View responses to Public questions taken on notice (as they become available)

Public question time

Question time forms are provided at Council meetings and at the links below if you wish to raise an issue with Councillors and/or Council staff. Council adopted a new Meeting Procedure Local Law on 14 October 2019 and the public now has the choice to present their own questions to Council or have them read out by a Council officer at each Council meeting.

Statement – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At the time of printing this Agenda and, as per advice received from the Federal and State Governments regarding public gatherings and social distancing, the Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 9 June 2020 will proceed and remain open to the public. However, we encourage all members of the public to view the meeting via Council’s live webcast rather than attend the meeting in person.

To view the webcast please visit Council's website:

Please note that the advice provided above could change quickly as we are regularly updated by the Federal and State Governments. Please stay informed about the status of the Council Meeting by visiting Council’s website at:

To save time, you can download the question time form or submit your questions online.

Please click here to download Council Meeting Public Question Time Guidelines.

If submitting this form at the Council meeting, it must be submitted by 7pm. If submitting the form online, it must be submitted by 12 noon on the day of the Council meeting. (See page 2 of the form for requirements that apply under Council's current Meeting Procedure Local Law).  

Petitions and joint letters

Council’s current Meeting Procedure Local Law outlines the requirements for petitions should a member of the public wish to submit one for tabling at a Council meeting. For a petition to be accepted it must:

  • be in legible and permanent writing (i.e no grey lead pencil that can be erased)
  • not be defamatory, indecent or objectionable in language or content
  • not relate to matters beyond the powers of Council (note, if requests are received regarding matters outside the power of Council we will forward onto the relevant authority on behalf of the petitioner)
  • bear the whole of the petition or request upon each page of the petition (i.e. the details of what the request is for must be on each page that has signatures not just the first page)
  • consist of single pages of paper and must not be pasted, stapled or pinned or otherwise affixed to any other paper

For more information see pages 14 and 15 of the Meeting Procedure Local Law (PDF - 748KB).

Feedback on council meetings

Council continually monitors the way it conducts council meetings and aims to make it easier for the public to follow the progress of each meeting.

Council would like your ideas of how council meetings can be improved.  Please include your ideas on the council meetings feedback form (also available at council meetings) and send back to the Governance Business Unit, City of Greater Dandenong, PO Box 200, Dandenong, Vic 3175 or via fax to 8571 5196.

Additional information

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