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Planning and Design

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The City of Greater Dandenong's Planning department offer a town planning enquiries service. A Statutory Planner or a Senior Statutory Planner provide this service from Monday to Friday.

The town planning enquiries service can provide you with general advice on planning matters, including:

  • Whether a permit is required for a proposal
  • How to submit a planning permit or subdivision application
  • What information is likely to be required to support a permit application
  • Council’s process for determining an application including details of consultation meetings, advertising, etc.
  • Whether a proposal does or does not meet the planning scheme or Council's policy requirements

Please note that the town planning enquiries service can't:

  • Provide any formal, binding or detailed written responses to general enquiries
  • Be used to discuss a current planning application. You need to contact your allocated planning officer or their team leader if you have application-specific questions
  • Provide a professional consultancy service. Details of town planning consultants can be found at
  • Council is unable to endorse any individual or company of consultants or architects

Contact the town planning enquiries service

Call us

To speak to a planning officer, call the town planning enquiries service on 8571 1000 from 8.30am–5pm. Please ensure you have all the information relevant to your enquiry when you call.

This telephone service is free of charge. Most types of enquiries take up to 10 minutes to discuss. 

Visit us

If you have a general planning query and would like to speak to a planning officer in person, visit the town planning enquiries counter on Level 3 of the Greater Dandenong Civic Centre, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, Monday to Friday, from 8.30am–5pm (excluding public holidays).

Most types of enquiries take up to 10 minutes to discuss. The enquiries service is a free service operated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Please note that during busy periods, especially between 12pm-2pm, there is often a queue, so please be patient.

Email us

If you have a general planning query, please email and type 'Town Planning Enquiry' in the subject line.

Emails will normally be responded to within 72 working hours.

Please note we will only provide general guidance via email. If a formal written response is required, charges will apply.

Planning pre-application discussion service

The Planning department also offers a pre-application discussion service for people wanting to discuss their proposal prior to submitting a planning permit application.

This service gives potential applicants an opportunity to meet with planning officers to discuss their proposal, identify key areas of concern, and gain an understanding of the planning permit application process.

More information on planning pre-application discussion sevice