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Planning Strategies, Studies and Documents

A city planned for the future

Planning strategies and policies can affect the entire municipality or be specific to key sites or areas.

Council’s Strategic Planning team are responsible for:

  • preparing long-term land use planning policies addressing a range of environmental, economic and social matters
  • developing the policies and controls that make up the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme
  • considering requests to change the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme, including the rezoning of land
  • conducting research on land use issues
  • consulting with the community, businesses and organisations on strategic planning projects
  • liaising with relevant national, state and local agencies on planning policy issues.


Current planning projects

Green Wedge Management Plan
The Green Wedge Management Plan has been developed to provide Council and the community with a clear vision, and give directions of the Green Wedge over the next 15 -20 years.

New Residential Zones for Greater Dandenong
The Victorian Government released new residential zones to replace the existing zones in all Victorian planning schemes to ensure a range of housing choices can be provided to meet the needs of the growing population.

Noble Park Structure Plan review
The Noble Park Activity Centre Structure Plan is currently being reviewed and updated to reflect the findings of the additional strategic work completed for the activity centre and set out the long-term vision for the activity centre, including where and how land will be used and developed over the next 10-15 years.

Springvale Activity Centre Structure Plan
The Springvale Structure Plan is a planning and design framework tool which aims to help manage, influence and facilitate change within the Springvale Activity Centre.

Industrial and Commercial Change and Demand (ICCD) Study 2016
The City of Greater Dandenong has prepared the Industrial and Commercial Change and Demand (ICCD) Study 2016 for the purposes of reviewing and updating the existing reference document Industrial Change and Demand Study 2007 due to changing planning policy context and socio-economic conditions.


Planning strategies and studies

Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme
The Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme sets out the policies and controls for the use, development and protection of land within the municipality.

Approved Development Plans
Council has a number of development plans for certain areas of the city.  Planning permit applications in these areas must generally be in accordance with the relevant approved development plan.

Greater Dandenong Housing Strategy
Greater Dandenong's Housing Strategy enable Council to plan for the sustainable supply of quality housing and accommodation that meets the needs of all current and future residents in Greater Dandenong.

Dandenong Neighbourhood Character Study
This policy aims to manage the evolution of neighbourhood character and change of the City’s established neighbourhoods to ensure that the valued characteristics of these areas are protected, while also providing opportunities for housing intensification where appropriate.

City of Greater Dandenong Heritage Study
Council’s Heritage Study contains a comprehensive assessment of 96 identified heritage sites of cultural heritage significance within Greater Dandenong.

City of Greater Dandenong Open Space Strategy
This Strategy establishes the strategic framework to achieve a quality open space network that meets the recreational and social needs of the existing and future Greater Dandenong community over the next 20 years.

Dandenong South Industrial Area Extension Structure Plan
The aim of this Structure Plan is to facilitate the development of the industrial area and to ensure the provision of well-serviced industrial infrastructure capable of accommodating existing and future industrial and commercial activities.


Environmental sustainability reports and strategies

Annual Sustainability Report
The Annual Sustainability Report (previously known as the Annual State of the Environment Report) is a management tool that collates and analyses information to enable assessment of environmental trends.

Sustainability Strategy
The Sustainability Strategy 2016-30 identifies Council’s desired long term sustainability vision and provides the catalyst to trigger the cultural change required from Council and the community.

Sustainable Water Use Plan
'Towards a Water Smart City – Councils’ Sustainable Water Use Plan' sets the strategic approach that Council will take to reduce the amount of potable water used within its own facilities and operations.


State Government planning strategies and reforms

Plan Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy
Plan Melbourne is the Victorian Government’s metropolitan planning strategy that will guide the city’s growth to 2050.

Managing Residential Development Advisory Committee
The Hon. Richard Wynne MP, Minister for Planning has appointed an Advisory Committee pursuant to section 151 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to report on the application of zones that provide for residential development in metropolitan Melbourne and the four regional cities of Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Latrobe, having regard to managing growth, proximity to transport and jobs, housing affordability and diversity.