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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Planning Consultative Meetings

If there are objections to a planning permit application, Council's Planning Officer may convene a consultative meeting. This meeting gives all interested parties a chance to get together to discuss the application.

If a consultative meeting is to be held, all interested parties are notified in writing of the time, date and location of the meeting. Meetings are held at one of the City of Greater Dandenong's offices.

Who attends the consultative meeting?

The meetings are usually chaired by an independent council officer and attended by:

  • The Council's Planning Officer assigned to the application
  • Councillors
  • The applicant or their representative
  • People who have made a submission relating to the proposal

How do consultative meeting work?

There are no strict procedures for these meetings. The applicant will outline their application and each person or representative of a group will have an opportunity to speak. The Planning Officer takes notes of the issues discussed. The meetings generally run no longer than one hour.

If you are attending a consultative meeting, be prepared to compromise. Often the design you think is best for you, is not be best for all parties involved.  With every application, Council endeavours to achieve a fair and equitable outcome for all parties.

What happens after the meeting?

In the weeks following the consultative meeting, the Planning Officer will prepare a report and make a recommendation for a decision on the application. Depending on the nature of the application, a decision may be made by delegation or at a Council meeting.

Interested parties will be advised if the application will go before Council for a decision.  All parties will be notified of the decision and any appeal rights they may have.